Slangopedia: a Greek to English & English to Greek Slang o’ dictionary

Slangopedia: what’s all this then? 

We hope to help both English and Greek speakers make heads or tails out of expressions that cannot be found in conventional dictionaries: guys like a  confused translator who wonders “wtf is a cardiac friend?” (καρδιακός φίλος) or an amateur excursionist who wonders how to say stoked in Greek.

  • Our Greek-English glossary includes almost 4,500 entries.
  • Our English-Greek glossary includes over 3,000 entries.

This is an ongoing project, all comments and feedback are welcome and will be credited!

Webography  a badass multi-lingual translation portal, which also includes Greek-English and English-Greek forums dedicated to slang terms and expressions. Ask anything, and an enthusiastic community of professional and amateur translators will respond in no time.

Magic search:  probably the ultimate translator’s multi-language meta-tool, scouring every conceivable e-dictionary on the net, and then some. a comprehensive Greek slang dictionary, collectively drafted by its members. I helped moderate it for over five years, and have contributed 1,257 entries. I was eventually banned by some of its moderators due to differences in style and politics. a fairly new wiki-based Greek slang dictionary.  offers several multi-lingual translation resources, including a cool forum.

Disclaimer: slang can be a cruel, offensive and politically incorrect language.  This site does not condone or advocate the use of some such expressions, but slangolexicography is a dirty job and somebody ‘s gotta do it…


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