έβα – έως τα μπούνια

έβα: (EH-vah) ever

έγινα:  (EH-yee-nah) I got stoned, literally “I became”

έγινα παπί: (EH-yee-nah pah-PEE) I was soaked; literally, “I became a duck”

έγινα τούρμπο: (EH-yee-nah TOUR-boh) I went ballistic, I became very angry; literally, “I went turbo”

έγινε το έλα να δεις:  (EH-yee-neh toh EL-ah nah diss)all hell broke loose

έγινε φάση:  (EH-yee-neh PHASS-ee) we made out

έγκαυλος: (EGG-‘ave-loss) erect, enthusiastically eager for something

εγκεφαλοκλάνι: (egg-eff-al-oh-CLAN-ee) brain fart

έγραψες: (EGG-rap-sess) you excelled, you outdid yourself; literally, “you wrote”

εγχειρισμένη: (eh-he-eiss-MEN-ee) post-op tranny; literally, “operated upon”

εγώ σε παίρνω παραλία κι εσύ ξηγιέσαι φύκια: (egg-OH seh PER-no par-ah-LEE-ah keh see ksee-YEH-seh FEEK-ya) we are talking at cross purposes; literally, “I take you to the beach and you explain yourself seaweed”

ἑδρόστροφος: (ed-ROSS-troph-oss) person you yields his/her anus (ancient Greek slang)

εδώ γελάνε:  (eh-DOH yell-ANN-eh) this is meant to be a joke, yeah right

εδώ ο κόσμος καίγεται και το μουνί ξυρίζεται: (eh-DOH oh cosmos HANN-ett-eh keh toh moo-KNEE ksee-REE-zeh-teh) fiddling while Rome burnt, rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic; literally, “the world is coming to an end, and she is shaving  her vagina”

εδώ ο κόσμος καίγεται και το μουνί χτενίζεται:  (eh-DOH oh cosmos HANN-ett-eh keh toh moo-KNEE hteh-KNEE-zet-eh) fiddling while Rome burnt, rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic; literally, “the world is coming to an end, and she is combing her vagina”

εδώ σε θέλω κάβουρα:  (eh-DOH seh THEH-loh KA-voo-rah) you’ve bit more than you can chew; literally, “here I want you, crab”

έεεετσι!: (ΕΕΕΕΕΕΤ-see) way to go! Expression of appreciation typiclly uttered by a reccipient of oral sex

εθνικάριος: (ethnic-ARE-ee-oss) employee of National Bank of Greece

εθνίκι (1): (eth-NICKY) ethnic type

εθνίκι (2): (eth-NICKY)  nationalist, fascist

είμαι Άγγλος στα ραντεβού μου:  (EE-meh AGG-loss stah rendez-vous moo) to be very punctual, always be right on time, literally “to be an Englishman with my appointments”

είμαι για τα σίδερα:  (EE-meh yah tah SEE-der-ah) be raving mad, be stark raving mad,  be looney tunes

είμαι καψούρα:  (EE-meh cap-SOO-rah) to have the hots for someone

είμαι κομμάτια:  (EE-meh co-MAT-ya) I’m in pieces, I’m dead tired

είμαι μανούλα (σε κάτι):   (EE-meh ma-NOO-lah (seh CAT-ee)) be an expert at something, that’s my forte; literally, “I’m a mommie at something”

είμαι μέσα: (EE-meh MESS-ah) I’m in, I’m up to it

είμαι πτώμα: (EE-meh PTOH-mah) I’m dead tired, literally “I’m a corpse”

είμαι στα ντουζένια μου: (EE-meh stah doo-ZEN-ya moo) I’m on the top of the world

είμαι στο ντεμί:  (EE-meh stoh deh-MEE) I am not sure yet,  be on the fence

είμαι στο τσακ:  (EE-meh stoh tsak) be on the verge of,  be on the brink of

είναι η πρώτη φορά που ξανασυμβαίνει: (EE-neh ee PRO-tea phoh-RAH poo xana-sim-VEH-knee) it’s the first thing this happens again

είναι να ξερνάς καλαπόδια: (EE-neh nah xer-NASS kah-lah-POD-ya) he / she is an eyesore; literally, “make you want to puke shoe-horns”

είπαν της γριάς να χέσει και αυτή ξεκωλώθηκε: (EE-pan tiss gree-ASS nah HESS-ee keh aff-TEE xexk-oll-OTH-ick-eh)  you overdid it; literally, “they told the old woman to take a shit and she de-anused herself”

εισαγγελάτος: (ee-sal-el-AT-oss) a holier than thou journalist

είσαι και ο πρώτος:  (EE-seh keh oh PROT-oss) you rock, you rule, you are the man

εϊτίλα:  (eight-ILL-ah) eighties kitsch

είχα μια σκασίλα: (EE-ha me-AH SKASS-ILL-ah)  I couldn’t care less

έκανα κεφάλι: (ECK-an-ah keph-AL-ee) I got squiffy

εκεί που γαμιούνται οι αράχνες: (eck-EE poo gam-YOON-teh ee are-A-hness) corner; literally, “the place where spiders get laid”

εκεί που δεν πιάνει ήλιος: (eck-EE poo den p’YAH-knee ILL-yoss) where the sun don’t shine

εκεί που ξέρεις: (eck-EE poo k’SERR-iss) up your ass; literally, “where you know”

έκλασε η νύφη,  σχόλασε ο γάμος: (ECK-lass-eh ee KNEE-fee, s’HOLL-as-seh oh GAM-oss) the party is over, the fat lady has sung; literally, “the bride farted, the wedding is over”

έκλασα στο γέλιο: (ECK-lass-ah stoh GKELL-yo) I cried laughing; literally, “I farted laughing”

εκφυλόφατσα: (eck-phil-OH-fats-ah) rampantly lascivious face

έλα κούτσα-κούτσα και πιάσε μου την πούτσα: (EL-ah KOOT-sah KOOT-sah keh pee-ASS-en moo tin POOT-sah) come here limping-limping, and grasp my penis

έλα μουνί στον τόπο σου (να μην σε ξεριζώσω): (EL-ah moo-KNEE stoh TOP-oh soo (nah mee seh k’seh-ree-ZOSS-oh)) I don’t believe it, holy crap! Literally, “vagina come home”

έλα στο σπίτι μου να σου δείξω τα γραμματόσημά μου: (EL-ah stoh SPEE-tee moo nah soo DICK-soh tah gram-ah-TOSS-ee-ma moo) Netflix and chill; literally, “come to my place and I’ll show you my stamp collection”

έλεορ: (EL-eh-or) mercy, enough already

ελεύθερο: (el-EFF-ter-oh) bareback sex, no condom; literally, “free”

Ελλαδιστάν: (el-AD-ee-stan) self-hating name for Greece, literally, “Helladistan”

ελλημπάν:  (el-ee-BAN) helleban, wordplay on Hellas and Taliban

ελληνάδικο: (el-ee-NAD-ick-oh) club that plays cheesy Greek music

ελληναράς: (el-ee-nar-ASS) chauvinistic Greek

ελληναριό: (el-ee-nar-YO) gathering of horrible Greeks, Greeklings

ελληνικούρα:  (el-ee-k=nick-OOH-rah) affected Greek word

εμ κερατάς εμ δαρμένος:  (em ker-at-ASS em dar-MEN-oss) add insult to injury

εμαγκεψάμην:  (eh-mag-epp-SAM-in) so you think you’re a big boy, you think you’re tough shit

έμεινα κόκαλο: (EM-ee-nah COCK-al-oh) I was dumbfounded; literally, “I remained a bone”

έμεινα παγωτό:  (EM-ee-nah COCK-al-oh) I was dumbfounded; literally, “I remained an ice-cream”

έμεινα Προκόπης:  (EM-ee-nah pro-COP-iss) I was dumbfounded; literally, “I remained Prokopis”(from Prokopis Pavlopoulos, a rather aloof President of the Hellenic Republic)

έμεινα στον άσσο: (EM-ee-nah pro-COP-iss) I am flat broke; literally, “I remained in the ace”

έμπ1: (M-ben-ah) I’d (totally) do her. Literally, “I would enter”

έμπαινα: (M-ben-ah) I’d (totally) do her. Literally, “I would enter”

εν κατακαυλείδι: (enn kata-kav-LEE-dee) in conclusion (phallic wordplay)

ένα πράμα: (ENN-ah PRAH_mah) identical; literally, “one thing”

ένα σκασμό:  (ENN-ah skazz-MOH) shitload of

ένα τσιγάρο δρόμος:  (ENN-ah t’see-GAR-oh DROMM-oh)  a cigarette away, a short distance

εντάξει τύπος:  (enn-TAXI TEEP-oss) OK dude, a good person

εντιτιά: (edit-YAH) editing

εξαέρωση: (ex-ah-AIR-oh-see)  screwing; literally, “degassing one’s balls”

εξαπάκετο: (ex-ah-PACKET-oh) six-pack

εξαφανιζόλ: (ex-a-fanny-ZOLL) to disappear into thin air

εξελάκι: (excel-ACK-ee) Excel spreadsheet

εξελάκιας: (excel-ACK-yass) Excel wizard

έξτρα πρίμα γκουτ: (extra-PREE-mag goot) A-OK

εξυπνόφωνο: (ex-eep-NO-phon-oh)  smartphone

έξω καρδιά: (EX-oh card-YA) open-hearted

εξώλης και προώλης:  (ex-OLL-iss keh pro-ALL-iss) rampantly promiscuous

εξώμουνο: (ex-OH-moon-oh)  highly revealing garment, whereby the vagina is all but visible

επική μουνάρα: (epic-EE moon-ARE-ah) epic broad; literally, “an epic mega-vagina”

επικό:  (epic-OH) epic

επικοινωνείς;  (epic-OH fail) have you lost your mind? are you crazy?

επικό φέιλ  (epic-ee-no-NEES) epic fail

έρχομαι: (ERR-ho-meh) I am coming, ejaculating

έσκασε η επιταγή: (EH-ska-seh ee epp-ee-tag-ee) the check has bounced; literally, “the check has erupted”

ερπετό: (err-pet-OH) Ares FC, a Thessaloniki team; literally, “reptiles”

ετς: (ETT’s) way to go! Literally, “thus”

έτσι να κάνει ο κώλος σου! (ET-see na CAN-ee oh KOL-oss sou) may your ass sound like that! (usually directed to people making loud sounds or listening to loud music)

εύκολη γκόμενα:  (EFF-koh-lee GO-men-ah) easy lay

ευρωλιγούρης: (evv-roh-lig-OO-riss) one who enjoys funding, subsidies and free goodies from the European Union

ευρώπουλο: (EVV-TOH-poo-loh) Euro bill

ευτυχής κατάληξη: (eff-tee-HISS cat-AL-ick-see) happy ending, ejaculation

έφαγα τον άμπακα: (EFF-ah-gah ton AB-ack-ah)  I pigged out, I porked out

έχω τα ρούχα μου: (EH-ho ta ROO-ha moo) I’m on the rag; literally, “I have my clothes”

έχει να δεί μουνί από βάφτιση: (EH-he nah dee moo-KNEE app-OH VAFF-tee-see) completely celibate dude; literally, “the last time he saw a vagina was at a baptism”

έχει πήξει το μουνί μας: (EH-he PEEK-see toh moo-KNEE mass) we are bogged-down by a lot of work; literally, “our vagina has coagulated” (a reference to over-worked prostitutes)

έχει τύπο: (EH-he TIP-oh) he / she has style

έχει φάση:  (EH-he PHASS-ee) it’s a hoot, it’s a laugh

έχει ψητό στο φούρνο: (EH-he p’see-TOH stog FOOR-no) to have a bun in the oven

έχω αψιλίες: (EH-oh app-see-LEE-ess)  I am penniless

έχω γραμμένο κανονικά:  (EH-ho gram-MEN-oh can-oh-nick-AH) not give a crap,  not give a damn, not give a flying shit; literally, “I have inscribed him/her normlly”

έχω δαγκώσει τ’ αρχίδια μου:  (EH-ho dag-OSS-ee tar-HEED-ya moo) I am freezing my balls off, it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey; literally, “I bit my testicles”

έχω δαγκώσει τον πούτσο μου:  (EH-ho dag-OSS-ee ton POOT-soh moo) I am freezing my balls off, it’s cold enough to freeze the balls off a brass monkey; literally, “I bit my penis”

έχω καβούρια στις τσέπες μου:  (EH-ho cah-VOOR-ya stiss t’SEPP-ess moo) to be close-fisted, to be a penny-pincher; literally, “to have crabs in my pockets”

έχω μαύρα μεσάνυχτα: (EH-ho MAVV-rah mess-ANNE-ee-hta)  I don’t have a clue; literally, “I have black midnights”

έχω το μάτι γαρίδα: (EH-ho toh MAT-ee gar-EE-dah) stay wide awake; literally, “I have a shrimp-eye”

έχω τον αντροδιώκτη: (EH-ho ton an-tro-dee-OH-h’tee) I repel men; literally, “I have a man-deflecting device”

έχω ψώρα: (EH-ho p’SORR-ah) on a jag

έως τα μπούνια: (EH-oss tah BOON-yah) to the hilt, as fuck


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