βάζελος – βυττός

βάζελος: (VAH-zeh-loss) fan of Panathinaikos FC; literally, “Vaseline-person”

βάζω δάχτυλο: (VAH-zoh DACK-tea-loh) fingering an orifice

βάζω στην άκρη: (VAH-zon stinn ACK-ree) put away for a rainy day

βάζω στο μάτι: (VAH-zoh stoh MA-tee) to set you eyes on something

βάζω φρένο:   (VAH-zoh PHREN-oh) to put the brakes

βαθιά νυχτωμένος: (vayh-YAH knee-hto-MEN-oss) to be in utter ignorance

βαθύ λαρύγγι:  (vath-EE lar-IN-gkee) deepthroat, throatfuck

βακέττα:  (va-KETT-ah) an old cow, an aging whore

βάλαμε χέρι στο βυζί, δέξου μουνί μαντάτα!  (VA-lam-eh HEH-ree sto VEE-zee, DEX-oo moo-KNEE man-DATA) we’ve reached second base, third base is coming up! Literally, “we have groped the tit, hear the news vagina””

βαμβακούλας:  (vam-vah-COOL-ass) fugly tranny

βαποράκι:  (vapp-or-ACK-ee) drug mule; literally, “little ship”

βαράω (1): (vah-RAH-oh) to shoot (e.g.) heroin

βαράω (2): (vah-RAH-oh) to jerkoff

βαράω (2): (vah-RAH-oh) to be on the verge of something bad

βαράω ενέσεις: (vah-RAH-oh en-ESS-iss) to shoot-up

βαράω κανόνι: (vah-RAH-oh can-NON-ee) to go bust

βαράω μπιέλα:  (vah-RAH-oh bee-ELLE-ah) to crack up, to blow a fuse, to have a mental breakdown

βαράω μύγες: (vah-RAH-oh ME-yes) to  bum around, to fart about, literally, “to swat flies”

βαράω τιλτ: (vah-RAH-oh tilt) to crack up, to blow a fuse, to have a mental breakdown; literally, “to hit tilt”

βαρβατόπουστας:  (var-var-OH-poost-ass) butch-looking gay man; literally, “a musky-scented homosexual”

βαρουθείτσες:  (vah-oo-THEET-ses) elderly groupies of Yanis Varoufakis

βαρούφα: (vah-ROOF-ah) idiotic actions or comments by (or attributed to)  the self-revered economist  Yanis Varoufakis; a wordplay on  μπαρούφα (nonsense, claptrap)

βαρουφίτσες: (vah-oo-FEET-ses) groupies of the self-revered economist Yianis Varoufakis

βαρυψώλης: (vah-ree-PSOLL-iss) tough guy who is full of himself, literally, “Mr. Heavy Penis”

βάστα Μέρκελ! (VASS-tah Merkel) way to go, Merkel!, a self-hating Greek’s motto

βατραχάκια: (vah-tra-HACK-ya) skipping stones; literally, “little frogs”

βατραχοφάγος:  (vah-tra-ho-FAG-oss) frog-eaters, the French

βαψομαλλιάς: (vap -so-MAL-yass) aging dude who dyes his hair so as to appear younger

βγάζω γκόμενα:  (VGAH-zo GKOM-en-ah) to score a girlfriend; literally, to “remove a girlfriend”

βγάζω λαγό: (VGAH-z0 lag-OH) to strike pay-dirt; literally, to “remove a hare”

βγάζω στο σφυρί: (VGAH-z0 sto-sfee-REE) to auction something off; literally, to “remove on the hammer”

βγαίνω λάδι: (VGEN-o’ laddy) to be in the clear; literally, “I remove myself oil”

βγήκε στο κλαρί: (VGEE-keh sto clar-EE) in the hustle; literally, he “removed on a branch”

βδέω: (VDEH-oh) to fart, to cut cheese (ancient Greek slang)

βερίκοκο: (ver-EE-cock-oh) peach-pussy

βίζιτα: (visit-ah) outcall, hooker

βιζιτάδικο: (visit-AH-dick-oh) whorehouse

βιζιτατζού: (visit-a-JOO) outcall hooker

βιζιτού: (visit-OO) outcall hooker

βικτιμάς: (victim-ASS) fashion victim

βικτίμι: (vick-TIMMY) fashion victim

βίλλα: (villa) penis (Cypriot slang)

βιλλομούτσουνος: (vill-o’ MOOT-soon-oss) dick-face (Cypriot slang)

βιλλόφατσα: (vill-OFF-at-sah) dick-face (Cypriot slang)

βίλλος: (VILL-oss) penis (Cypriot slang)

βινάρω: (vinn-ARE-oh) to smoke hash

βιντατζάδικο: (vintage-AD-eek-oh) thrift shop, vintage store

βιντατζιά: (vintage-YA) vintage movie, music, object etc.

βιόλα (1): (viola) scummy woman, bitch

βιόλα (2): (viola) rip-off tactic

βιτρίνινγκ: (vitt-REEN-ing) window shopping

βλάκας με πατέντα: (VLACK-ass meh pat-ENT-ah) utter idiot; literally, an “idiot with a patent”

βλάκας με περικεφαλαία: (VLACK-ass meh perry-keph-al-EH-ah) utter idiot; literally, an “idiot with an antique helmet”

βλακέντιος:  (vlah-KENT-ee-oss) dumb fuck, asshat, fucktard, assbag, dipshit, dipstick

βλακόμουτρο: (vlah-COH-moo-troh) utter idiot

βλαμάδι: (vlah-MA-dee) idiot, blockhead

βλαχαδερό: (vlah-ha-der-OH) hick, redneck

βλαχομπαρόκ: (vlah-ho-bah-ROCK) posh and tacky

βλαχοφιλελέ: (vlah-ho-phil-leh-LEH) tacky libertarian

βλέπω τον Χριστό φαντάρο: (VLEP-oh ton HREE-stoe fan-TAR-oh) I’m going experiencing severe mishaps; literally, “I see G.I. Christ”

βλήμα:  (VLEE-ma) idiot; literally, “missile”

βλήτο:  (VLEET-oh)  idiot; literally, “(something like) kale”

βορβορόπη: (vor-vor-OPP-ee) woman with a filthy vagina (ancient Greek slang); literally, “sewer-hole”

βουβή: (voo-VEE) double-edged assassin’s knife, literally the “silent one”

Βούλγαροι:  (VULGAR-ee) derogatory word for Thessalonians; literally, “Bulgarians”

βουπού: (voo-POOH) preppy, upper-class person  living in the northern suburbs of Athens

βούρλο: (VOOR-loh) bimbo, airhead

βουτάω: (voo-TAH-oh) muff-diving

βουτυρόπαιδο: (voo-tea-ROH-paedo) mamma’s boy; literally, “butterchild”

βουτώ τη γλώσσα στον κώλο: (voo-TOH tee GLOSS-ah ston KO-loh) open mouth, insert foot; literally, “I dip my tongue in an ass”

βράζω: to steal and sell the loot; literally, “to boil”

βράσε ρύζι: (VRASS-eh REE-zee)  lost cause, not a chance in hell; literally, “boil rice”

βραχιολάκι: (vra-he-all-ACK-ee) electronic bracelet

βρέξει-χιονίσει: (VREH-he he-on-ISS-ee) come rain or shine

βρέχει: (VREH-hee) drugs are smuggled in a prison (jail slang); literally, “it is raining”

βρέχει παπάδες: (VREH-hee pap-AD-ess) it rains cats and dogs; literally, “it rains priests”

βρήκαμε μουνί, το θέλουμε και ξυρισμένο: (vroh-HAL-ah) never look a gift horse in the mouth; literally, “we found a vagina, and we want it groomed”

βρήκε ο γύφτος τη γενιά του κι αγαλλίασε η καρδιά του: (VREE-keh oh  GIPH-toss tin YE-nyah too keh ah-GAL-ya-seh ee card-YA too) birds of a feather flock together; literally, “a gypsy found his generation and his heart rejoiced”

βρίσκει και κάνει: (VREE-ski keh CAN-ee) he does so because he can get away with it

βρίσκομαι στον ίσκιο: (VREE-skom-eh ston EESK-yo) I am flat-broke

βρομ (1): (vrom) malodorous gypsy (offensive)

βρομ (2): (vrom) skank, weed

βρομάει ο τόπος: (vroh-MA-ee oh TOP-oss) there is no shortage of

βροχάλα (1):  (vroh-HAL-ah) raining cats and gods

βροχάλα (2): (vroh-HAL-ah) huge loogie-like raindrop

βρυκολακάτα: (vrick-ok-lack-AT-ah) stealthy; literally, in a vampire’s fashion

βρῦσσος: (VRISS-oss) hairy vagina; literally, “sea urchin” (ancient Greek slang)

βρωμιάρες μέρες: (vrom-YAR-ess MER-ess) unholy days

βρώμικο: (VROM-ee-koh) street food, such as souvlaki or gyro

βρωμομούνα: (vrom-oh-MOON-ah) dirty woman or vagina (see μούνα)

βρωμόξυλο: (vrom-oh-KSILL-oh) street-fighting

βρωμοπούτανο:  (vrom-oh-PUT-anne-oh) filthy whore

βυζάκιας: (viz-ACK-yass) tit-man

βυζανάδειξη: (visa-NAH-dicks-ee) tit-flaunting

βυζάρες: (viz-ARE-ess) bazongas, bazookas, big brown eyes

βυζέττα: (viz-ETTA) titties, bee stings

βυζιά: (viz-YAH) tits, bristols

βυζογαμήσι: (viz-oh-gka-MISS-ee) tit-fucking

βυζοθήκη:  (viz-oh-THICK-ee)  bra, literally, “tit sheath”

βυζόμπαλο:  (viz-OMP-all-oh)  round, ball-shaped tit, rack

βυζοσκάμπιλο: (viz-oh-SCAM-bill-oh) tit-slap

βυζούμπες: (viz-OOM-bess) bazongas, bazookas, big brown eyes, rack

βύσμα: (VIZ-ma) contact in high places

βυσματώνω: (viz-ma-TON-oh) to deliberately harm someone using a contact in high places

βυττός: (vee-TOSS) vagina, literally “barrel” (ancient Greek slang)


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