δαγκανιάρης – δώσε

δαγκανιάρης: (dag-an-YAR-iss) mouthy, biting

δαγκώνω την λαμαρίνα:  (dag-ON-oh tin la-are-IN-ah) to fall in love; literally, to “bite the metal-sheet”

δάγκωσα το καβλί μου:  (DAG-oss-ah toh kal-LEE moo) I am freezing to death; literally, “I am biting my penis”

δαγκωτό:  (dag-o’-TOH) to vote passionately, literally “bitten on ballot”

δαχτυλοφαγωμένη:  (dack-till-oh-fag-0h-MEN-ee) woman who masturbates obsessively; literally, “eaten by her finger”

δε γαμείς που δε γαμείς, δεν πας για ψάρεμα;  (deh ga-MEES poo deh ga-MEES , den pass yah PSAR-em-ma) you are a loser; literally, “given that you are not going to get laid,  why don’t you instead go fishing?”

δε γαμιέται…  (deh gam-YEH-teh…) oh fuck it, who cares; literally, “let it get fucked”

δε λέει:  (deh LEH-ee) its no good, lousy; literally, “it does not say”

δε μας χέζεις ρε Νταλάρα!  (deh mass HEH-zeess reh dah-LAR-ah!) give us a break, why don’t you bugger off; literally, “why don’t you shit on us, Dalaras” (Dalaras is a popular albeit annoying Greek singer)

δε μας χέζεις:  (deh mass HEH-zeess) why don’t you bugger off; literally, “why don’t you shit on us”

δε με παίρνει: (deh meh PER-knee) I can’t cut it, I cant go through with it; literally, “it does not take me”

δε με σηκώνει το κλίμα: (deh meh see-KOH-knee toh KLEE-ma) this is not for me, I’m leaving; literally, “the climate does not raise me”

δε μου καίγεται καρφί: (deh moo KEH-yeh-teh car-FEE) I don’t give a fuck; literally, “nail does not burn to me”

δε νομίζω Τάκη: (deh no-MEE-zoh tacky) I don’t fucking thing so; literally, “I don’t think so, Taki”

δε σηκώνει μύγα στο σπαθί του: (deh see-KOH-knee MEE-ga stoh spah-THEE too) very proud person; literally, “he cannot raise a fly on his sword”

δε σφάξανε: (deh SPHACK-sah-neh) no fucking way,  not bloody likely; literally, “they did not slaughter”

δε φταις εσύ…  (deh FTESS eh-SEE) its not your fault, its my fault for letting you…  (passive-aggressive expression)

δε χαλάω τη ζαχαρένια μου:  (deh ha-LAH-oh tin zah-hah-REN-ya moo) I don’t give a damn, I couldn’t care less; literally, “I won’t spoil my sugarness”

δεμελές… (theh-meh-LESS) why don’t you tell me…

δεν βγαίνουν τα κουκιά: (den v’GEH-noon ta cook-YAH) it does not compute, there is not enough money; literally, “the beans to not come out”

δεν βλέπω την τύφλα μου: (den VLEPP-oh tin TIFF-lah moo) I cant see a thing; literally, “I can’t see my blindness”

δεν δίνει τίποτε: (den DIN-ee TIP-ott-eh) slot machine on a dry run; literally, “it doesn’t give a thing”

δεν δίνω δεκάρα τσακιστή:   (den DIN-oh deck-ARE-ad tsack-iss-TEE) I don’t give a damn,  I don’t give a flying shit; literally, “I don’t give a crooked dime”

δεν είμαι και χθεσινός:  (den IMM-eh keh hthESS-in-oss) I wasn’t born yesterday

δεν είναι αυτό που νομίζεις: (den IN-eh aff-TOH poo nom-IZZ-iss) this is not how it looks, honey

δεν έχει τον Θεό του:   (den eh-HE tonn theh-OH too) he is up to anything,he has no shame; literally, “he lacks his God”

δεν έχω τσίπα:  (den eh-HO TSIP-ah) I have no shame; literally, “I have no pig-skin”

δεν θα μείνει κολυμπηθρόξυλο: (den thah meanie collie-be-THROX-ill-oh) things will be shattered to smithereens; literally, “there won’t be a baptismal font wood left”

δεν ιδρώνει το αυτί του: (den id-RO-knee toh aff-TEE too) he doesn’t give a shit; literally, “his ear does not perspire”

δεν καταλαβαίνω γρι:  (den ka-ta-la-VENN-oh gree) Ι don’t understand a thing,  it’s all Greek to me

δεν κουνιέται πούστης: (den coo-NYET-eh POO-stiss) complete stillness, lull; literally, “not even a gay person moves”

δεν μασάει: (den ma-SAH-ee) tough, thick-skinned, badass; literally, “he does not chew”

δεν μασάει τον πούτσο του: (den ma-SAH-ee ton POOT-so too) he is tough, the is thick-skinned; literally, “he does not chew his penis”

δεν με χαλάει: (den meh ha-LAH-ee) not bad; literally,” it does not spoil me”

δεν μου κάνει κούκου (1):  (den mooh canny KOO-koo) I’m not crazy about something

δεν μου κάνει κούκου (2):  (den mooh canny KOO-koo) Ι can’t get an erection, Ι can’t get it up

δεν ξέρει τι έχει: (den KSEH-ree tee EH-hee) filthy rich; literally, “he doesn’t know what he has”

δεν ξέρω την τύφλα μου:  (den KESH-roh tin TIFF-lah moo) I haven’t got a clue; literally, “I don’t know my blindness”

δεν παίζει: (den peh-ZEE) it ain’t gonna happen, not bloody likely, not fucking likely; literally, “it does not play”

δεν παίζεται: (den PEH-zeh-teh) it is unbelievable, unbeatable, great at something; literally, “cannot be played”

δεν παλεύεται:   (den pal-EH-vet-eh) there is nothing you can do about it, there is no way to fight it, no use trying anything; literally,” it cannot be wrestled”

δεν περιφράφω άλλο!   (den perry-GRAFP-oh AL-oh) ’nuff said!

δεν την παλεύω: (den tin pal-EH-voh) there is nothing I can do about it, there is no way to fight it, no use trying anything; literally,”I cannot wrestled her”

δεν την παλεύω κάστανο: (den tin pal-EH-voh KASS-ta-no) I cannot cope with a situation; literally, “I cannot wrestle it chestnut”

δεν την παλούλου: (den tin pal-OO-loo)I cannot cope with a situation; literally, “I cannot wrestle her”

δεν το κουνάω ρούπι: (den toh COON-ah-oh ROO-pee) I’m staying put; literally, “I am not moving it a Rupee”

δεν του το ‘χα:  (den too toh hah) I didn’t hold him capable to do that

δεν τρελάθηκα: (den treh-LAH-thick-ah) didn’t make me go crazy, didn’t make me go wow

δεν τρέχει μία: (den TREH-he  MEE-ah) no problem, no worries; literally, “not one runs”

δεν υπάρχει σάλιο:   (den ee-PAR-hee SAL-yo) I’m flat broke, I’m penniless; literally, “there is no saliva left”

δεν υπάρχει: (den ee-PAR-hee) unreal, out of this world; literally, “it does not exist”

δεν χαμπαριάζω Χριστό:  (den ham-bar-YA-zoh HREE-stoh) I am thick skinned, nothing gets to me; literally, “I don’t take note of Christ”

δεν χαρίζω κάστανα: (den har-EE-zoh KASS-tah-nah) I am tough and unforgiving; literally, “I do not hand out gift chestnuts”

δερβίσης: (der-VEE-sis) cool dude; literally, “dervish”

δευτεράντζα:  (deaf-ter-ANN-ja) second-class, bottom of the barrel

δήθεν: (DEE-thenn) pretentio

δηθενιά:   (dee-thenn-YA) poserism, pretentiousness, smugness

δηθενισμός:  (dee-thenn-ees-MOSS) pretentiousness

δηλωμένη: (deel-oh-MEN-knee) out-of-the-close gay; literally, “declared”

δημαρχέσσα: (dee-mar-HESS-ah) mayoress; literally, “beshatted mayoress”

δημοσιοκάφρος: (dee-moss-ee-oh-KAFF-ross) as asshole journalist

διαβολόπιασμα: (dee-ave-oh-LOH-pee-ass-ma) evil child, conceived by devilish  parents

διαδρομιστής: (dee-ah-dromm-iss-TISS) petty lawyer; literally, “corridor person”

διαόλια (1): (dee-ah-ALL-ya) annoying thingies; literally, “little devils”

διαόλια (2): (dee-ah-ALL-ya) ‘roids, anabolic steroids; literally, “little devils

διαολίζομαι:  (dee-EH moo) to get furious, to get pissed off

διαόλου κάλτσα: (dee-ah-ALL-oo CALT-sah) scoundrel, nasty piece of work; literally, “the devil’s sock”

δίατα της πάπιας: (DEE-ett-ah tiss PAP-yass) unsuccessful diet; literally, “duck diet” (whereby one may eat anything apart from duck)

δικαίωμα: (dick-EH-oh-mah) I want the floor

δικαιωματιστής: (dick-eh-o’ MAT -iss-tiss) SJW, social justice warrior

δικέ μου: (dick-EH moo) dude, bro, mate; literally, “my own”

δίνε του:  (DEE-neh too) get lost, buzz off, beat it, scram; literally, “give it to him”

δίνω βάρος:  (DEE-no VARR-oss) to place emphasisδίνω κάποιον στεγνά: to rat on someone; literally, “to give someone without lubrication”

δίνω κάποιον: (DEE-no CAP-yon) to rat on someone; literally, “to give someone”

δίνω κώλο (1): (DEE-no COLL-oh) to be submissive, literally “to give your ass”

δίνω κώλο (2): (DEE-no COLL-oh) to offer ones anus for copulation; literally “to give your ass”

δίνω ρέστα: (DEE-no REST-ah) I outdo myself, I excel; “literally, I give spare change”

διπλοποντικιάζω: (dip-loh-pon-tick-EE-zoh) to double-click; literally, “to double-mouse”

δίτρυπη: (DEE-trip-ee) sexist expression for a woman; literally, “two-holed”

δολοφόνος: (doh-loh-PHON-oss) kill switch (of a motorcycle)

δόντι: (DON-tee) connection at high places; literally, “tooth”

δοντιά: (don’t-YAs) quick-and-dirty unit of measurement for hashish, literally “biting”

δουλειά δεν έχει ο διάολος και γαμάει τα παιδιά του:  (dool-YA den EH-hee oh DYAH-oh-loss keh gah-MAH-ee tah ped-YA too) the devil finds work for idle hands; literally, “when the devil has no work, he screws his own children”

δουλειές με φούντες: (do-lee-ESS meh FOON-tess) good and profitable business; literally, “jobs with tassels”

δούλεμα: (do-LEMM-ah) making fun of someone; literally, “working”

δουλεύω: (do-LEV-oh) to make fun of someone; literally, “to work”

δουλεύω ψιλό γαζί: (do-LEV-oh psee-LOH gaz-EE) to blatantly lie or ridicule someone; literally, “to work on someone with a fine stitch”

δουλεύω: (do-LEV-oh) to lie; literally, “to work”

δραχμαγεδδών: (drack-ma-gedd-ON) drachmagedon, Grexit

δραχμαριστερά: (drach-ma-riss-TER-ah) leftist who believes in Grexit and the reintroduction of the Drachma

δραχμιστής: (drach-me-STISS) one who believes Greece in Grexit and the reintroduction of the Drachma,  drachmist

δύο μέτρα και δύο σταθμά:  (DEE-oh MET-rah keh DEE-oh STATH-ma) double standard

δωράκι: (doh-RACK-ee) bribe offered to a public functionary or doctor; literally, “little gift”

δώσε πόνο: (DIS-eh PON-oh) give (someone) hell, expression of encouragement and praise to singers or performers; literally, “give pain”

δώσε: (DOS-eh) give it to me; expression of encouragement and praise to singers or performers.


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