K – κωλόχειλα

K: (kappa)  a master or mistress, a dominant player in a BDSM relationship. From κυρίαρχος (dominant).

καβαλάρης: (kah-vah-larry’s)  stud; literally, literally, “rider”

καβαλάω: (kah-vah-LAH-oh)  to fuck; literally, “to ride”

καβάλησε το καλάμι: (kah-VAL-ee-seh toh ka-LAMM-ee)  he is full of himself; literally, “he rode the bamboo”

καβάτζα (1): (kah-VAD-jah)  something kept for a rainy day

καβάτζα (2):  (kah-VAD-jah)  booty call

καβατζόπουστας:  (kah-vah-JO-poos-tass)  video-game camper; literally, “faggot in readiness”

καβλαντίζω:   (kav-lan-DEE-zoh)  to bonerise, to talk about sex, to have a sex chat, to sext, to flirt

καβλί (1):  (kav-LEE)  penis, prepuce

καβλί (1): (kav-LEE) difficult task or predicament, pain in the ass; literally, “penis”

καβλιάρης: (kav-l’YAR-iss) randy fellow

καβλιτζέκι: (kav-leet-ZECK-ee) longish tool or instrument, reminiscent of a penis

καβλομαχάω: (kav-loh-mah-HA-oh) to be in a sexual battle or turmoil

καβλομούνα: (kav-lo-MOON-ah) lascivious slut

καβουράκιας: (kav-oo-RACK-yass) stingy person; literally, “one with crabs in his pockets”

καβουρογαμόσαυρος: (kav-oo-rog-gam-OH-savv-ross) fantasy creature that looks like a crab but copulates with lizards

καβουρογαμόψειρα:  (kav-oo-rog-gam-OPP-see-rah) crab louse

κάγκουαρ:  (KAGK-oo-are) ridiculously pimped-up vehicle

κάγκουρας:  (KAGK-oo-rass) showoff with cheesy attire, usually driving a ridiculously pimped-up vehicle (m)

καγκούρω:  (kagk-oo-REVV-oh) showoff with cheesy attire, usually driving a ridiculously pimped-up vehicle (f)

καζαντζίδης:  (kaz-zan-JEE-diss) crybaby, sniveler; the name of a lachrymose Greek singer

κάζο:  (KAH-zoh) fiasco, mishap

καθαρίζω (1):  (kath-are-EE-zoh) to waste someone, to kill someone; literally, “to clean”

καθαρίζω (2): (kath-are-EE-zoh) to resolve a difficult situation; literally, “to clean”

καθίκι: (kath-EE-kee) asshole, bastard, sonofabitch, badass

καθυστέρα: (kath-EE-STERR-ah) retard

καθυστέρι: (kath-EE-STERR-ee) retard

και γαμώ τα παιδιά: (keh gam-OH tah ped-YAH) cool dude; literally, “and I fuck the children”

και γαμώ: (keh gam-OH) perfect, cool, fantastic; literally, “and I fuck”

και δεν συμμαζεύεται: (keh den see-mazz-EVV-ett-eh) and I could go on

και είχα μια σκασίλα: (keh EE-ha me-AH ska-SEE-lah)  I couldn’t care less

και καλά: (keh kal-AH) as if, supposedly, allegedly; literally, “and all right”

και καλούα: (keh kalhua) as if, supposedly, allegedly; literally, “and Kahlua”

και πολύ:  (keh poll-EE) she / he / it is very….

και ταλιμπάν: (keh taliban) etcetera; literally, “and Taliban”

καίει κάρβουνο: (KEH-ee CAR-voo-no) complete idiot; literally, “he burns crude oil”

καίει μαζούτ: (KEH-ee ma-ZOOT) complete idiot; literally, “he burns crude oil”

καίει φλάντζα: (KEH-ee FLAN-jah) complete idiot; literally, “he has burned his flange”

καΐλα (1): (kah-EE-la) craving; literally, “burntness”

καΐλα (2): (kah-EE-la) fried by drugs; literally, “burntness”

καΐλα (3): (kah-EE-la) completely addicted to gambling, video games, etc.; literally, “burntness”

καΐλας (1): (kah-EE-lass) craving person; literally, “burnt”

καΐλας (2): (kah-EE-lass) person fried by drugs and booze; literally, “burnt”

καΐλας (3): (kah-EE-lass) person completely addicted to gambling, video games, etc.; literally, “burnt”

καϊνάρι (1): (kah-ee-NARR-ee) tall and beautiful babe

καϊνάρι (2): (kah-ee-NARR-ee) large superb joint

κακαράντζα: (kack-ah-RAN-jah) snot-ball

κακαρώνω:  (kack-ah-RON-oh) to croak, to die

κακίστρω: (kack-EE-stroh) bitch

κακογαμημένη: (kack-oh-gamm-ee-MEN-ee) cranky woman whose behavior is attributed to being badly laid; literally, “badly fucked”

κακός πούστης: (kack-OSS POOS-tiss) malicious, vindictive gay person

κακό σπυρί στον κώλο σου! (kak-OH spee-REE ston COL-oh soo) may you grow a malignant pimple on your butt!

κακοχυμένος: (kack-oh-he-MEN-oss) dumpy person; literally, “poorly poured”

κακσάκας: (kack-SACK-ass) cocksucker

καλαμαρούι: (kala-marr-OO-ee) Greek from mainland Greece (Cypriot slang); literally, “little calamari”

καλαματιανό: (kala-mat-yann-OH) weed from Kalamata, a.k.a. Kalamata Founta

καλαμπαλίκια: (kala-bahl-EKK-yah) balls, testicles

καλαφατίζω: (kala-fat-TEASE-oh) to fuck someone; literally, “to seal, to caulk”

καλή είναι:   (cal-ΕΕ EE-nehshe’s O.K., she’s kind of cute

καλή φάση: (kal-EE PHASS-ee) great situation

καληνυχτάκιας: (kal-ee-knee-H’TACK-yaSS) friendzoned, person who escorts women around but never gets in her pants; literally, “Mr. Goodnight”

καλιαρντά: (kal-yarr-DAH) traditional slang-code dialect used by Greek gays, gay slang

καλιαρντός:  (kal-yarr-DOSS) ugly, nasty in the καλιαρντά (q.v.) slang-code dialect used by Greek gays 

καλικούτσα: (cali-COOT-sah) piggy-back

καλιμπατσέρης: (cali-bats-ERR-iss) handsome gentleman caller, stud

καλλιόπη:  (cali-OPP-ee) crapper, toilet, literally, “Calliope”

καλντεριμιτζού:  (c’alter-ee-meed-ZOO) street-walker,  hooker

καλντερίμω:  (c’alter-EE-mostreet-walker, hooker

καλό βόλι:  (cal-OH VOH-leehave a good fuck, have a good vote

καλογιάννης κακογιάννης:  (cal-oh-YANN-iss cac-oh-YANN-issgood cop – bad cop

καλός μαλάκας:  (cal-OSS mal-ACK-assquite an asshole, quite a victim, quite a wanker; literally, “good masturbator”

καλούλα είναι: (cal-OOH-lah EE-nehshe’s kind of cute

καλούλης είναι: (cal-OOH-liss EE-neh)he’s kind of cute

κάλπη (1):  (CAL-pee) toilet; literally, “ballot box”

κάλπη (2):  (CAL-pee) vagina;  literally, “ballot box”

καλτ:  (CALTcult

καλτάκα:  (cal-TACK-ahsexually-suggestive woman

καλτιά:  (calt-YAHcultish movie, art, etc.

καλτσοδέτα:  (cal-t’so-DETTAsexist expression for a woman; literally, garter

καλυτερότερο:  (cali-terr-OTT-err-ossbestest

καλώς τ’ αρχίδια μας τα δυο:  (cal-OSS tar-HEED-ya moo tah d’YOwelcome dude, good to see you; literally, “Greetings, my two testicles”

καμάκι (1):  (ka-MACK-eethe art of picking up a woman or man; literally, harpoon

καμάκι (1): (ka-MACK-eepick-up artist, fuckboy; literally, harpoon

καμάκιας: (ka-MACK-yass) pickup artist, fuckboy, lady-killer

καμάκουλας: (ka-MACK-oo-lass) pickup artist, fuckboy, lady-killer

καμαρώνω σαν γύφτικο σκεπάρνι:  (kam-are-ON-oh san GIF-tick-oh s’ker-PAN-ee) proud as a peacock; literally, “to swagger around like a gypsy worktool”

καμενάδικο: (ka-men-ADD-isck-oh) after-hours joint frequented by burbed-out people

καμενιά (1):  (ka-men-YAH) brain-fart; literally, “burntness”

καμενιά (2): (ka-men-YAH) fried by drugs and booze; literally, “burntness”

καμενιά (3): (ka-men-YAH) completely addicted to gambling, video games, etc.; literally, “burntness”

καμένο ντουί: (ka-MEN-oh doo-EE) horrible vaginal smell; literally, “burned lamp socket”

καμένο χαρτί: (ka-MEN-oh hart-EE) hopeless case; literally, “burnt paper”

καμένος (1): (ka-MEN-oss) person fried by drugs and booze; literally, “burnt”

καμένος (2): (ka-MEN-oss) person completely addicted to gambling, video games, etc.; literally, “burnt”

καμήλα: (ka-MEE-lah) tall and ugly woman; literally, camel

καμηλό καβάλο: (ka-MEN-oss) camel-toe

καμία επαφή: (ka-MEE-ah epp-aff-EE) completely out of touch with reality

καμία σχέση: (ka-MEE-ah s’HESS-ee) the complete opposite

καμικάζι (1): (kamikaze) reckless biker; literally, kamikaze

καμικάζι (2): (kamikazeannoying flying insect that dives in our drink; literally, kamikaze

Καμμένοι Έλληνες: (kah-MEN-ee EL-ee-nessmembers and supporters of the rightist tinfoil cap-wearing ANEL party; literally, “burnt Greeks”

κάμνω μιμί: (CAM-no mee-MEE)  to give a blowjob

καμούφλα: (kah-MOOF-lahcamouflage

καμούφλω: (kah-MOOF-lohcloseted gay; literally, “camouflaged woman”

καμπάνα:  (kam-BAN-ahheavy fine; literally, bell

καμπαρετζού: (cabaret-JOOcabaret woman

καμπόης: (kah-BOYScowboy

καμπριολέ: (cabrioletbaldy;  literally, cabriolet

καναλάρχης: (canal-ARE-hissthe owner of a TV or radio station

καναπεδάκιας: (kah-map-ad-ACK-yasscouch potato

κάνε έναν κώλο πιο πέρα: (KAH-neh EN-ah KO-loh pee-OH PER-ahplease move one ass further

κάνει νερά (1): (KAH-nee NERR-ahwhen a TV picture has static or snow; literally, “it does waters”

κάνει νερά (2): (KAH-nee NERR-ah) behaves suspiciously; literally, “it does waters”

κάνει τζιζ:   (KAH-nee JEEZit zaps

κάνει το γύρο του διαδικτύου: (KAH-nee toh YEE-roh too dee-ad-ick-TEE-ooto break the internet, goes viral on the internet

κάνεις τον πούστη με ξένους κώλους: (KAH-niece ton POOS-tee meh k’SENN-oh KOLL-oh) blusterer, two-bit hero; literally, “he acts gay with someone else’s ass”

κανονίζω (1): (can-oh-NEE-zohto take care of something; literally, to canonize

κανονίζω (2): (can-oh-NEE-zohto take care that something doe not happen; literally, to canonize

κανονίζω (3): (can-oh-NEE-zohto fuck someone; literally, to canonize

κανονίζω (4): (can-oh-NEE-zoh) to kill someone; literally, to canonize

κανονίζω (5): (can-oh-NEE-zohthreat against someone; literally, “I will canonize you”

καντήλι (1): (can-DILL-eeblasphemous curse; literally, vigil light

καντήλι (2): (can-DILL-eepop fly, lob; literally, vigil light

καντήλι (3): (can-DILL-eein technical analysis, candlestick; literally, vigil light

καντήλι (4): (can-DILL-eeglass or cup filled to the hilt; literally, vigil light

καντηλίκια: (candy-LEEK-yah) blasphemous curses; literally, vigil lights

κάνω: (CAN-ohI come, I ejaculate; literally, I do

κάνω αντ: (CAN-oh addadd someone (on a social media)

κάνω αττ: (CAN-oh attadd someone (on a social media)

κάνω βίδες:  (CAN-oh VID-ess)  to disassemble, to give somebody a good thrashing; literally, “to transform into screws”

κάνω γκεζί: (CAN-oh geh-ZEEto agree

κάνω διατροφή: (CAN-oh dee-at-roph-EEto follow a nutrition plan

κάνω καλντερίμι: (CAN-oh cal-der-‘IMM-ee)  to hustle, to streetwalk

κάνω καμάκι: (CAN-oh cam-ACK-eeto pick-up men or women; literally, “to harpoon”

κάνω κάποιον με τα κρεμμυδάκια:  (CAN-oh CAP-yon meh tah q’remm-id-ACK-yah to beat the shit out of somebody; literally, “to cook someone with little onions”

κάνω κεφάλι: (CAN-oh keph-AL-eeto get high, to get drunk; literally to “make head”

κάνω κουμάντο: (CAN-oh koo-MAN-tohto be in charge, to call the shots

κάνω κρα:  (CAN-oh krah to die for something

κάνω λιανά:  (CAN-oh lee-an-AHto  explain clearly, to spell something out

κάνω μαλακία:  (CAN-oh mal-ack-EE-ahmess of things; literally, “to masturbate”

κάνω μάτι: (CAN-oh MAT-ee) to peep, to ogle; literally, “to do eye”

κάνω μόκο: (CAN-oh MOCK-oh) to shut up, to be silent

κάνω μόστρα: (CAN-oh MOST-rahto show-off

κάνω μπαμ: (CAN-oh BAMMto be conspicuous; literally “to go bang”

κάνω μπούκα: (CAN-oh BOOK-ahto burglarize

κάνω ντου:  (CAN-oh doomake a raid, charge-in, storm

κάνω παπάδες: (CAN-oh pap-AD-essto be extremely skillful at something; literally, “he does priests”

κάνω πατάτα:   (CAN-oh pat-AT-ahto make a blunder, to put one’s foot in one’s mouth, to fuck up; literally, “to make a potato”

κάνω σούζα:  (CAN-oh SOO-zah to do a wheelie

κάνω τ’ αρχίδια μου φτερά: (CAN-oh lee-an-AHto rush towards a place or person promising sex; literally, “to transform your balls into wings”

κάνω τα στραβά μάτια: (CAN-oh tah strah-VA MAT-yato turn a blind eye; literally, “he does the crooked eyes”

κάνω τη ζωή πατίνι: (CAN-oh tee zoh-EE pat-IN-eeto make one’s life a misery; literally, “to  make one’s life a skateboard”

κάνω την πάπια (1): (CAN-oh tin PAP-yato feign indifference; literally, “to do the duck”

κάνω την πάπια (2): (CAN-oh tin PAP-yato make a duckface; literally, “to do the duck”

κάνω το σκατό μου παξιμάδι: (CAN-oh toh scat-OH moo pax-ee-MAD-eeto lead a very frugal life; literally, “to make crackers out of one’s shit”

κάνω τον καμπόσο:  (CAN-oh ton cam-BOSS-ohbe arrogant, have an attitude

κάνω τον κινέζο: (CAN-oh ton kin-EZZ-ohto play dumb; literally, “to pretend to be Chinese”

κάνω τον μάγκα: (CAN-oh ton MAG-ah  to bully

κάνω τον παλικαρά: (CAN-oh tol pal-ick-are-AHto bully

κάνω τον τσαμπουκά: (CAN-oh ton t’sah-book-AHto bully

κάνω τον ψόφιο κοριό: (CAN-oh ton p’SOPH-yo cor-YO) to play possum; literally, “to do the dead bedbug”

κάνω τουμπεκί: (CAN-oh too-beck-EEto shut up; literally, “to do tobacco”

κάνω φάση: (CAN-oh PHASS-eemaking out, necking, get the stew going

κάνω χάζι:  (CAN-oh HAZZ-eeto  gape,  to gawk

κάνω χάιτζακ: (CAN-oh hijackto hijack a thread, a site, etc.

κάνω χαλάστρα: (CAN-oh hal-AST-rah)  to ruin the deal, to make someone look bad, to ruin things for someone

κάνω ψυχικό:  (CAN-oh p’see’he’KOH to perform an act of charity, to  have mercy sex

καπάκι (1): (ka-PACK-ee) back-to-back, immediately thereafter; literally, cap, lid

καπάκι (2):   (ka-PACK-eesmall unit measure for cocaine; literally, cap, lid

καπέλο: (ka-PELL-ohprice mark-up; literally, hat

καπελώνω: (ka-pell-OH-noto hijack, to impose one’s agenda on something; literally,  “to put a hat on someone”

καπιτάλας:  (cap-it-AL-ass)  filthy rich, loaded, fat cat, Mr Big

καπιτσές: (cap-its-ESSpressed hashish

καπότα: (cap-OTT-ahrubber, condom

καρά-: (car-ah-) prefix implying mega-, uber-, big-time-; literally from kara, the Turkish word for black

καραβανάδες: (caravan-AD-ess)army drill officers; literally, “caravan riders”

καραβαρία: (car-ah-var-EE-ahbad high from shitty weed

καραγκιόζης: (car-agg-YOZZ-issbozo, asshat

καραγκιοζιλίκι: (car-agg-yozz-il-EKK-eetomfoolery, monkey business

καρακαλτάκα: (car-ah-cal-TACK-ahvery cheap slut

καρακατσουλιό: (car-ah-at-sool-YOwretched woman

καρακιτσαριό: (car-at-kit-sar-YOkitschy person, place, or decoration

καρακούτσος:  (car-ah-COOTS-osssmall crawbar used by burglars

καραλάικ: (car-ah-LIKEto super-like (in social media)

καραλόλ: (car-ah-LOLultra-LOL

καραμέλα:  (car-ah-MEL-ahpolitical or other dogma repeated ad nauseam; literally, ” caramel candy”

καραμελώνω: (car-ah-mel-ON-ohto diligently lick testicles; literally, to caramelize

καραμπιτσαριό: (car-ah-bit-sar-YOultra-bitch, or  group of such people

καραμπιτσαριώ: (car-ah-bit-sar-YOultra-bitch

καραμπογιά: (car-ah-bo-YAcheap black hair dye

καραουισκάκι: (car-ah-whisk-ACK-eeblack-label whiskey

καράπουστα: (car-AH-poos-tah) flaming faggot

καραπουσταριό: (car-ah-poos-tar-YOuber-faggot, or group of such people

καραπουτάνα: (car-ah-poo-TAN-ahuber whore

καραπουτανάρα: (car-ah-poo-tan-ARE-ahuber whore

καραπουταναριό: (car-ah-poo-tan-are-YOuber whore, or group of such people

καραπούτανος: (car-ah-POOT-an-ossuber whore

καραπουτσακλάρα: (car-ah-poo-sack-LARAhuge schlong

καραρουσπού: (car-ah-roos-POOuber whore

καρατσεκαρισμένο: (car-at-seck-are-iss-MEN-oss sure thing, double-checked, you can bet on that

καραφλάζ: (car-aff-LAZZ) comb-over, a wordplay ob baldness and camouflage.

καραφλιάζω: (car-aff-l’YAZZ-ohto freak-out with something; literally, to go bald

καραφλόμουνο: (car-aff-LOH-moon-oh bald pussy

καργιόλια (1):  (car-YOLL-yaHPV warts

καργιόλια (1):   (car-YOLL-yabennies, amphetamines, roids, and other pills containing controlled substances

καρεκλάς:    (car-eck-LASSdisco fan, disco freak

καρεκλοκένταυρος:  (car-eck-lo-KENT-‘ave-rossbureaucrat; literally, “chair centaur”

καριόλα:  (car-YOLL-ahbitch, whore; literally, “bed”

καριολάϊν:  (CAR-yo-linebitch, whore; literally,  bed (wordplay with the name Caroline)

καριολόπουστα:  (car-yoll-OPUS-tah bitchy faggot

καριολοτσιμπουκογλείφτρα:  (car-yolo-t’see-book-oh-GLYPH-trah bitch administering blow-jobs

καρκίνος σε σένα και στο σόι σου! (car-KIN-oss she senna keh stoh soy soo) may you and your kin develop cancer!

καρμανιόλα:  (car-man-YO-lah) dangerous road for car accidents; literally, “guillotine”

καρμίρης:  (car-MIT-isstightwad

καρντάσι:  (car-DASS-eebro; expression used mostly in N. Greece

καρύδια:  (car-ID-yaballs, nuts

καρφί:  (car-FEEsnitch

καρφώνομαι (1):   (car-FO-no-meh to blow one’s cover; literally, “to nail myself”

καρφώνομαι (2):  (car-FO-no-meh)  to stare, to ogle; literally, “to nail myself”

καρφώνω (1): (car-FO-noto blow one’s cover; literally, “to nail myself”

καρφώνω (2): (car-FO-no) to stare, to ogle; literally, “to nail myself”

καρφώνω (3): (car-FO-noto fuck, to screw

κάρχια: (CAR-he-ah) biatch, bitch

κασαδόρος: (cass-ad-OR-osssafe burglar

κασέρι (1): (cass-ERR-eecash, moolah; literally, cheese

κασέρι (2): (cass-ERR-ee) hashish; literally, cheese

κασέρι (3): (cass-ERR-eedick cheese literally, cheese

καστομιά: (cass-tom-YA bespoke, custom-made

κατάθεση (1): (cat-ATH-ess-eetake a dump; literally, “deposit”

κατάθεση (2): (cat-ATH-ess-ee) ejaculate; “literally, deposit”

καταλαβού:  (cat-al-‘ave-OOcapiche? understand? Get it?

καταπιόλα: (cat-app-YOL-ahsperm-swallower (f), slut

καταπιόλης: (cat-app-YOL-ahsperm-swallower (m), male slut

κατάρτι:  (cat-ART-eeerection

καταχτύπι: (cat-ah-HTEE-peeepic handjob, frantic wanking of the penis

κατεβάζω από το ιντερνετ: (cat-enn-AZZ-oh app-OH toh internetto download from the internet

κατεβάζω γατοκέφαλα: (cat-evv-AZZ-oh gat-oh-KEPH-al-ahto pig out; literally, “do download cat-heads”

κατεβάζω καντήλια:  (cat-evv-AZZ-oh can-DILL-yato  swear badly, to blaspheme; literally, “to lower vigil lamps”

κατεβάζω ρολά:  (cat-evv-AZZ-oh roll-AH)  to close shopκατεβάζω τα μούτρα:   to sulk, to put on a long face

κατεβάζω τη μάπα: (cat-evv-AZZ-oh tee MAP-ah) to violently disfigure one’s face; literally, “to lower one’s face”

κατεβάζω χριστοπαναγίες: (cat-evv-AZZ-oh hree-stoh-pan-agg-EE-ess)  to swear badly, to blaspheme; literally, “to lower Christ-Madonnas”

κατεβασάδικο: (cat-evv-ass-AD-ick-ohdownload page, download site

κατήλαβα: (cat-EEL-‘ave-ahunderstood, got it

κάτι τρέχει στα γύφτικα:  (catty treh-HE sta YEEF-tick-ahas if anybody cared, I couldn’t give a shit, who gives a shit? Literally, “something is running at the Gypsy quarters”

κατιμάς: (cat-ee-MASSleftover weed

κατίνα: (cat-IN-ahgossipy person, Yenta

κατιναριό: (katyn-are-YOgossipy person, or group of such women

κατινιά: (cat-in-YAthe act of gossiping or rumor-mongering

κατοικίδιο: (cat-ick-IDD-ee-ohvery submissive person; literally, “household pet”

κατούρα και λίγο: (cat-OO-rah keh LEE-gochill out, give us a fucking break; literally, “pee a little”, expression used ironically against arrogant people

κατούρα να φύγουμε:  (cat-OO-rah nah FEE-goo-mehlet’s go, let’s get moving; literally, “pee so that we can leave”

κατουρλιό (1): (cat-oor-l’YOpee

κατουρλιό (2): (cat-oor-l’YOthe stench of urine, pissy stench

κατουρλού: (cat-oor-LOOwoman (usually elderly) prone to peeing herself

κατουρόκαυλα: (cat-oor-OH-kavv-laherection some people get whilst peeing

κατσαβιδάκιας (1): (cat-savv-id-ACK-yass)  fix-it-up chappie, DYI aficionado; literally, “Mr. Screwdriver”

κατσαβιδάκιας (2): (cat-savv-id-ACK-yassthief or rapist using a screwdriver as a weapon; literally, “Mr. Screwdriver”

κατσαπλιάς: (cat-sap-lee-ASScommunist guerrilla during the Greek civil war, killer

κάτσε καλά: (CAT-seh kal-AHbehave yourself; literally, “sit well”

κάτσε στα αυγά σου: (cat-seh sta avv-GAH soostay put; literally, “sit on your eggs”

κατσικογάμης: (cat-sick-oh-GAMM-issgoat-fucker

κατσικώνομαι: (cat-sick-OH-no-meh) I outstay my welcome, I stubbornly refuse to go; literally, “act as a goat”

κατσιρμάς: (cat-sir-MASSdrug runner

καύλα (1): (CAVV-laherection

καύλα (2): (CAVV-lahfucking awesome, something perfect; literally, “hardon”

καύλα (3): (CAVV-lahstrong yearning for something; literally, “hardon”

καύλα (4): (CAVV-lahto greatly enjoy something; literally, “hardon”

καυλάκι (1): (cavv-LACK-eehlittle penis

καυλάκι (2): (cavv-LACK-eehsexy jail-bait

καυλάντα: (cavv-LAND-ahtalk about sex, bonerise, to have a sex chat, to sext, to flirt

καυλαντίζω:  (cavv-land-EASE-oh)  talk about sex, bonerise, to have a sex chat, to sext, to flirt

καυλί (1): (cavv-LEEpenis, prepuce of penis

καυλί (2): (cavv-LEEsomething really difficult

καυλιάρα: (cavv-lee-ARE-ahsexy and horny woman

καυλιάρης: (cavv-lee-Arisa horny dude

καυλιάρικο: (cavv-lee-ARE-ick-ohhorny

καυλιδερό: (cavv-lee-derr-OHhorny

καυλίτσα: (cavv-LEET-sahhorny jailbait

καυλόγκαζο: (cavv-LOH-gaz-ohperson who gets off driving very fast; literally, “erection gas pedal”

καυλομαγνήτης:  (cavv-lo-mag-NEET-issdick magnet

καυλομούνι: (cavv-lo-MOON-eehorny woman; literally, “erect vagina”

καυλόμουνο: (cavv-LO-mmon-ohhorny woman; literally, “erect vagina”

καυλοπυρέσσων: (cavv-lo-pirr-ESS-onailing from erection-fever (archaic slang)

καυλοράπανο: (cavv-lo-RAP-an-ohsexy and horny short woman; literally, “hard-on radish”

καυλοσφαδάζων: (cavv-lo-s’phah-DAZZ-onwrithing from a hardon (archaic slang)

καυλωμένος: (cavv-lo-MEN-osserect

καυλώνω: (cavv-LO-noI get a hard-on

καυλωτικό: (cavv-lo-tick-OHerection-inducing

καύσιμο: (KAFF-see-mo’dough, moolah; literally, fuel

καφεταμίνη: (kaff-ett-ah-MINIstrong coffee; wordplay on caffeine and amphetamine

καφρικιά: (kaff-rick-YAuncouth and dumb behavior

καφρίλα: (kaff-rillauncouth and dumb behavior

καφριλίκι: (kaff-ree-LICK-eeuncouth and dumb behavior

κάφρος: (KAFF-rossuncouth and dumb person

καφρούλιακας: (kaff-ROOL-yack-assuncouth and dumb person

καψίδι (1): (cap-SEE-deeperson fried by drugs and booze; literally, “burnt”

καψίδι (2): (cap-SEE-deeperson completely addicted to gambling, video games, etc.; literally, “burnt”

καψούρα: (cap-SOO-rahcrush, to have the hots for someone

καψουρεύομαι: (cap-soo-REVV-oh-mehI have a crush, I have the hots for someone

καψούρης: (cap-SOO-rissguy with a crush for someone

κεκές: (keck-ESSstutterer

κελεπούρι: (kell-eh-POOR-ee)  quite a catch, keeper; sometime used ironically to mean the opposite

κεντάω: (kent-AH-ohto do something skilfully; literally, “to weave”

κέντρο διερχομένων: (KENT-roh dee-err-ho-MEN-on) transit camp, Grand Central Station

κεραμίδα: (cap-SEE-deeto be shocked by unexpected bad news; literally, “a roof tile (falls on my head)”

κερατάς: (kerr-at-ASScuckold

κερατάς και δαρμένος: (kerr-at-ASS keh dar-MEN-ossadding insult to injury; literally, “both cuckolded and beaten”

κέρατο (1): (KERR-at-ohany object that does not behave as we would like to; literally, “horn”

κέρατο (2): (KERR-at-ohlarge joint; literally, “horn”

κέρατο (3): (KERR-at-ohcuckolding, unfaithfulness; literally, “horn”

κέρατο βερνικωμένο: (KERR-at-oh verr-nick-oh-MEN-ohstubborn, pig-headed; literally, “varnished horn”

κερατόπιασμα: (kerr-at-OPP-yazz-machild conceived from an illicit affair

κερματοδέκτης: (kerr-mat-oh-THECK-tissplumber’s crack; literally, “coin slot”

κεχρατζής:  (keh-h’RAD-zissson of a bitch; expression used mostly in N. Greece

κι εγώ σ’ αγαπώ: (kee egg-OH sag-app-OHI love you too (uttered ironically)

κιέτσ’: (kee ETTSand thus

κικάρω: (kick-ARE-ohto kick someone from an internet forum

κιμπάρης: (kibb-ARE-iss) very generous person, gentleman

κίναιδος: (KIN-ed-osshomosexual (archaic); literally, “he who elicits our shame”

κιούσπα (1): (kee-OOS-pahfugly woman; literally, what is left after processing sesame

κιούσπα (2): (kee-OOS-pah) bad high from shitty weed

κιτρινιάρης (1): (kit-reen-YARR-issoriental person; literally, “yellow person”

κιτρινιάρης (2): (kit-reen-YARR-isscab driver; literally, “yellow person”

κλαζμεντέν: (klazz-men-DEN)  to be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to shit mints”

κλάιν μάιν: (klein mineI don’t give a damn; expression used mostly in N. Greece

κλαίω: (k’LEH-oh)  I’m weak, ROTFLMAO; literally, “I cry”

κλακαδόρος: (clack-ah-DOOR-ossclaque, person paid to applaud

κλαμμένο μουνί:  (clam-MEN-oh moo-NEE)  cry-baby; literally, “crying vagina”

κλάνα: (CLAN-ah)  ass; literally, “farter”

κλανίδι:  (clan-ID-ee)  farting deluge

κλανίνο: (clan-IN-oh)  kazoo

κλανιόλα (1): (clan-YOL-ah)  fugly woman; literally, “farter”

κλανιόλα (2): (clan-YOL-ah)  ventilation hose to clear farts from under the bed covers

κλανομαξίλαρο: (clan-oh-max-EE-larr-oh)  whoopee cushion

κλανοσκεπάσματα: (clan-oh-skep-AZZ-mat-ah)  bed covers; literally, “fart covers”

κλάνω (1): (CLAN-oh)  to fart

κλάνω (2): (CLAN-ohto ignore someone; literally, to fart

κλάνω μαλλί:   (CLAN-oh mal-EEto be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart wool”

κλάνω μέντες: (CLAN-oh MET-tess) to be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart mints”

κλάνω μπάμιες: (CLAN-oh BAM-yesto be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart okra”

κλάνω πατάτες: (CLAN-oh pat-AT-essto be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart potatoes”

κλάνω πετούγιες: (CLAN-oh pet-OO-yes) to be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart door knobs”

κλάνω φασκόμηλο: (CLAN-oh fass-KOH-mee-loto be scared shitless, to shit pricks; literally, “to fart sage”

κλαπαρχίδας: (clap-are-HEED-assjerk, asshole; literally, “one whose testicles clap”

κλαπέτο: (clap-ETT-ohtired and overworked person’s ass; literally, clapet

κλάριν: (CLAR-inuncouth young man with tacky taste and attire you tries to pass for a super-cool stud; form of κλαρινογαμπρός (q.v.)

κλαρίνο (1): (clar-IN-ohto stand upright; literally, “clarinet”

κλαρίνο (2): (clar-IN-ohuncouth young man with tacky taste and attire you tries to pass for a super-cool stud; form of κλαρινογαμπρός (q.v.). Literally, “clarinet”

κλαρίνο (3): (clar-IN-ohblowjob; literally, “clarinet”

κλαρινογαμπρός: (clar-in-oh-gam-BROSSuncouth young man with tacky taste and attire you tries to pass for a super-cool stud; literally, “clarinet groom”

κλας μάι πουτς: (class my pootsbugger off; literally, “fart on my balls” in ersatz English

κλάσε μου τα αρχίδια: (CLASS-eh moo tar-HEED-ya)  bugger off; literally, “fart on my balls”

κλάσε να προσανατολιστώ!  (CLASS-eh nah pross-an-at-oll-is-TOH)  “kindly fart so that I might orientate myself!” expression purportedly addressed to overweight women during sex

κλασικά:  (class-ick-AHas always; literally, “classically”

κλάσιμο (1): (CLASS-imm-oh) to be high on weed; literally, “fart”

κλάσιμο (2): (CLASS-imm-oh) to ignore someone; literally, “fart”

κλασμεντόλ: (class-ment-OLL) to be scared shitless, to shit bricks; literally, “to fart mints”

κλασομπανιέρα (1): (class-oh-ban-YERR-ahyellow-belly, coward; literally, “fart tub”

κλασομπανιέρα (2):  (class-oh-ban-YERR-ahvery small boat; literally, “fart tub”

κλασομπανιέρα (3): (class-oh-ban-YERR-ahjacuzzi; literally, “fart tub”

κλαψαρχίδης: (clap-are-HE-diss) cry-baby; literally, “crying testicle”

κλαψαρχίδι: (clap-are-HE-dee) cry-baby; literally, “crying testicle”

κλαψομούνα: (clap-so-MOON-ah) cry-baby (f); literally, “crying vagina”

κλαψομούνης: (clap-so-MOON-iss) cry-baby (m); literally, “crying vagina”

κλαψομουνιάζω: (clap-so-moon-YAZZ-oh)  to act as a cry-baby (f); literally, “to vagina-cry”

κλειδάς: (klee-DASS) lock-picker

κλειδιά: (kleed-YA) car-keying

κλέφτης (1):  (CLEFT-iss) voyeur lens

κλέφτης (1): (CLEFT-iss) device for making moonshine in a prison

κλεψυδρομούνα: (clep-SEE-draw-MOON-ah) hourglass-shaped woman; literally, “hourglass vagina-bearer”

κλημαντήρα: (clee-man-TEER-ah) severe hunger

κλικαδόρος: (click-ah-DORR-oss) one who overuses a PC’s mouse; used ironically  by old school PC users

κλικάρω: (click-ARE-oh) to click

κλικοθηρία: (click-oth-eer-EE-ah) clickbaiting

κλισεδιάρικο: (cliss-ed-YAR-ick-oh) chiche-ridden

κλόπυ ράιτ: (CLOPP-ee right) copy left

κλου: (KLOO) the key to something

κλωτσομπουνίδι: (clot-so-boon-IDD-ee) pinching and kicking, street fighing

κόβω (1): (COVV-oh) to turn a steering wheel; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (2):  (COVV-oh) to censor; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (3):  (COVV-oh)  to fuck someone; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (4):  (COVV-oh) to terminate a relationship; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (5):  (COVV-oh) to view someone as something; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (6):  (COVV-oh) to watch; literally, “to cut”

κόβω (7):  (COVV-oh) to cut a drug; literally, “to cut”

κόβω κίνηση:   (COVV-oh KIN-iss-ee) I am people watching, I am checking things out; literally, “I am cutting movement”

κόβω λάσπη:  (COVV-oh LASS-pee) I’m getting outta here; literally, “I am cutting mud”

κόβω το βήχα:   (COVV-oh toh VEE-ha)  to take the wind out of one’s sail

κόβω φλέβες (1):  (COVV-oh PHLEVV-ess)  to die for something, to dig something, to be crazy about something; literally, to slice one’s veins

κόβω φλέβες (2):  (COVV-oh PHLEVV-ess) to be bored or annoyed with a situation; literally, to slice one’s veins

κογιονάρω: (ko-yon-ARE-oh) to ridicule, to make fun of, to swindle

κοκάκιας: (coack-ACK-yass) cokehead

κοκό: (cock-OH) sex

κοκόβια: (cock-OVV-yah) balls

κοκομπλόκο: (cock-oh-BLOCK-oh) cock block

κόλλα το:  (COLL-ah toh)  high five, give me five, shake hands

κόλλημα: (COLL-ee-ma) obsession, being hooked on something

κολληματίας: (coll-ee-mat-EE-ass) obsessed fellow, someone hooked on something

κολλημένος: (collie-MEN-oss) obsessed fellow, someone hooked on something

κολλητάρι: (collie-TAR-ee)  buddy, bestie, homie, bae

κολλητηλίκια: (collie-till-EEK-ya) to chum up with someone, to have a close friendship; literally, “stuckedness”

κολλητός: (collie-TOSS) buddy, bestie, homie

κολλητουμπινάκι: (collie-toomb-in-ACK-ee) bestie

κολομπαράς: (co-lo-bar-ASS) buttfucker,  fudgepacker, backdoor man

κολούμπρα: (coll-OOMB-rah) to be freaked out, to be weirded-out

κομματατζής: (comma-tah-JEES) fanatical political party member

κόμματος:  (COMM-at-oss) babe, stunner, beauty

κομματόσκυλο: (comm-at-OH-skill-oh) fanatical political party member; literally, “party-dog”

κομμέ: (co-MEH) form of Greek slang whereby words are truncated; for example μπάτσοι (cops) is abbreviated to τσοι΄literally, “cut”

κομμένο και ραμμένο στα μέτρα του: (co-MEN-oh keh ra-MEN-og stah MET-rah too) tailor-made for him

κομμούνι:  (co-MOON-ee) commie

κομμώτρια: (co-MO-tree-ah) expensive whore; literally, “hairdresser”

κομπίνα: (com-BEE-nah) con, heist, swindle

κομπλάρω: (comp-LARR-oh) I am stumped, I am awed

κομπλέ (1): (comp-LEH) shebang, complete with all the bells and whistles; literally, complete

κομπλέ (2): (comp-LEH) I’m up to it, let’s do it; literally, complete

κομπλεδούρα: (comp-lek-DOO-rah) shebang, complete with all the bells and whistes; literally, complete

κομπογιαννίτης: (combo-yann-IT-iss) quack

κομπολογάτη: (comp-oh-log-AT-ee) long-winded intermittent fart; literally, “sounding like worry-beads”

κονέ: (con-EH) connection at high places

κόνξες: (CONKS-ess) tricks, teasing, wile

κονσερβοκούτι: (con-serve-oh-KOOT-ee) tin can used during the Greek civil war to slit opponents’ throats

κοντοπούτανος (1): (con-toh-POOT-an-oss) short dude; literally, “short whore”

κοντοπούτανος (2): (con-toh-POOT-an-oss) short gay dude; literally, “short whore”

κοντοπούτανος (3): (con-toh-POOT-an-oss) short football player; literally, “short whore”

κοντοπούτανος (4): (con-toh-POOT-an-oss) short slut; literally, “short whore”

κοπάνα: (cop-ANNA) playing hooky, cutting school

κόπανος: (COP-an-oss) dumb fuck, fucktard, asshole, sonofabitch

κοπέλα τελειωμένη: (cop-ELLA tell-yo-MEN-ee) extremely effeminate gay man, or tranny; literally, “a complete girl”

κοπριτάμπουρας (1):  (cor-ree-TAM-boo-rass) cur, mutt

κοπριτάμπουρας (2): (cor-ree-TAM-boo-rass) good-for-nothing; literally, “cur, mutt”

κοπρίτης (1): (cop-RITT-iss) cur, mutt

κοπρίτης (2): (cop-RITT-iss) good-for-nothing; literally, “cur, mutt”

κοπροσκυλιάζω: (cop-ross-kill-YAZZ-oh) to muck about, to laze about; literally, “to act as a cur”

κοπυπαστώνω: (copy-pass-TON-oh) to copy-paste

κόρακας και περίδρομος να σε κόψει! (CORACK-ass keh per-ID-rom-oss na she COP-see) may ravens and hunger cut you down!

κορδελιάρα: (cor-del-YARR-ah) slutty, capricious

κορεκτίλα: (correct-illa) political correctness

κοριός: (cop-YOSS) bug (spying device)

κορίτσι για σπίτι: (cor-ITS-ee yah SPIT-ee) whore, tramp; literally, “girl to start a family with”

κοριτσόγρια: (cor-its-OGG-ree-ah) GILF, no spring chicken

κότα (1): (COT-ah) coward, chicken, chicken-shit; literally, “chicken”

κότα (2): (COT-ah) woman, in sexist parlance; literally, “chicken”

κότα (3): (COT-ah) male or female prostitute; literally, “chicken”

κότα (4): (COT-ah) person who drives very slowly; literally, “chicken”

κότα λειράτη: (COT-ah lee-RAT-ee) coward, chicken, chicken-shit; literally, “chicken with a comb”

κότσια: (COTS-yah) guts

κότσος: (COTS-oss) sucker, gullible dude

κουβάς (1): (coo-VASS) shorty; literally, “bucket”

κουβάς (2): (coo-VASS) small car; literally, “bucket”

κουβάς (3): (coo-VASS) sperm-bucket; literally, “bucket”

κούγκαρ: (cougar) cougar

κουγκαρομπεμπέκα: (cougar-oh-beb-ECK-ah) cougar dressing like a teenager

κουδουνάτος: (coo-doo-NAT-oss) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “carrying bells”

κουδουνίστρα: (coo-DOO-niss-ma) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “bell ringer”

κούκου (1): (KOO-koo) peek-a-boo

κούκου (2): (KOO-koo)  kook, cra cra, crazy person

κουκουέ: (koo-koo-EH) the Greek Communist Party

κουκουές: (koo-koo-ESS) commie, member of the Greek Communist Party

κουκούλια: (koo-COOL-ya) hoodies, hoodie-wearing anarchists

κουκουρούκου: (koo-koo-ROOK-oo)   wacky, cra-cra

κουκουρούκου μανταλάκια:  (koo-koo-ROOK-oo man-tal-ACK-ya) wacky, surreal

κουλ:  (cool) cool

κουλ τύπος:  (cool TIP-oss) cool dude

κούλαρε:  (COOL-are-eh) cool it, chill

κουλάρισε: (cool-ARE-iss-eh) cool it, chill

κουλαριστός: (cool-are-iss-TOSS) cool dude

κουλή: (koo-LEE) lame (F)

κουλό:  (koo-LOH) lame

κουλός: (koo-LOSS) lame (Μ)

κουλουβάχατα:  (koo-loo-VAH-hat-ah) SNAFU, shambles, tosy-turvy situation

κουλουράκια (1): (koo-loo-TACK-ya) 0-0 score; literally, “little round sesame bagels”

κουλουράκια (1): (koo-loo-TACK-ya) ass; literally, “little round sesame bagels”

κουλοχέρης: (cool-oh-HAIR-iss) one-armed bandit, slotmachine

κουλτούρα να φύγουμε:  (cool-TOOT-ah nah FIG-oo-meh)  artsy-fartsy, pseudy

κουλτουριάρης: (cool-toor-YAR-iss) pseudy, artsy-fartsy

κουμάσι: (koo-MASS-ee) son of a bitch, asshole

κουμούτσα (1):  (koo-MOOT-sah) large piece of bread

κουμούτσα (2): (koo-MOOT-sah) huge penis

κουμπαράς: (koom-bar-ASS) lemon, car that is expensive to maintain; literally, “piggy-bank”

κουνελοπνίχτης: (coon-el-op-NEE-htiss) sexually active; literally, “he who strangles the rabbit”

κουνενές: (koo-neh-NESS) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “he who waddles”

κουνητό: (coon-it-OH) cell phone, in silly parlance

κούνια που σε κούναγε: (COON-ya poo seh COON-ah-geh) you wish; literally, “swing that swung you”

κουνιοτράμπαλη: (coon-yo-TRAB-al-ee) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “she who waddles like a ball”

κουνιοτράμπαλο: (coon-yo-TRAB-al-oh) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “he who waddles like a ball”

κουνιστός: (coon-iss-TOSS) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “he who waddles”

κουνίστρα: (coon ITTS-rah) gay person, poofter, fruit; literally, “she who waddles”

κουράδα: (koor-AD-ah) turd

κουραδοκόφτης: (koor-ad-oh-COUGH-tiss) string panties; literally, “turd-cutter”

κουραδόμαγκας: (koor-ad-OH-magg-ass) blusterer, all bark no bite; literally, “turd-dude”

κουραδομπεμπέκα: (koor-ad-oh-beh-BECK-ah)  ugly old spinster; literally, “turd-babe”

κουρδίζω: (koor-DEE-zoh)  to wind someone up, to trigger someone

κουταλιάζω: (koot-al-YAZZ-oh)  to spoon

κούτβης:  (KOOT-viss) old-school USSR-educated communist, stalinist

κουτί: (koo-TEE) vagina, box

κουτουπώνω: (coo-toop-ON-oh)  to screw, to fuck

κουτουτουμουγού:  (coo-too-too-moo-GOO)  in my humble opinion

κουτσαβάκης: (koot-savv-ACK-iss)  badass dude

κουτσουκέλα:  (koot-sook-EL-ah)  sly trick

κουφάθηκα: (koof-AH-thick-ah) dumbfounded by something weird as hell; literally, “deafened”

κουφαίνω: (koof-EN-oh) to dumbfounded someone with  something weird as hell; literally, “to deafen”

κουφάλα (1): (koof-AL-ah)  cunt, asshole, jerk; literally, hollow, cavity

κουφάλα (2): (koof-AL-ah) lucky bastard; literally, hollow, cavity

κουφαλίτσα: (koof-al-ITS-ah) lucky littel  bastard; literally, little hollow, little cavity

κουφάλογο:  (koof-AL-oh-go) stone-deaf; literally, “deaf horse”

κούφια: (KOOF-ya) silent (yet stinky) fart

κουφιοκεφαλάκης: (koof-yo-keph-al-ACK-yass) numbskull, dimwit; literally, “empty-headed”

κουφό: (koo-PHOH) weird as hell, strange, surreal; literally, “deaf”

κόφ’ το: (COUGH-toh) cut it out

κόφα: (COUGH-ah) bitch, slut; literally, “crate”

κόψε κάτι: (COP-seh CAT-ee) cut the bullshit; literally, “cut something”

κόψε φάτσα: (COP-seh FAT-sah) look at his mug

κοψοψώλης: (cop-sop-SOLL-iss) circumcised person; literally, “dude with a cut dick”

κραγμένη: (kragg-MEN-ee) berated or booed-upon gay person

κράζω (1): (KRAZZ-oh) to boo, to berating, to tell someone off

κράζω (2): (KRAZZ-oh) to boo a gay person

κράκρα: (KRA-kra) thirst (gay slang)

κράνα: (kr-ANNA) skull

κρανιώνομαι: (cranny-ON-oh-meh) hitting the roof, hitting the ceiling; literally, “skulling”

κράξιμο (1): (KRAX-imm-oh) booing a gay person; literally, to caw

κράξιμο (2): (KRAX-imm-oh) booing, berating, telling someone off; literally, to caw

κρασάρω: (crass-ARE-oh) I crash

κρέας για κανόνια: (CREH-ass yah can-ON-ya) cannon fodder

κρεβατάμπλ: (crevv-ah-tahbl) fuckable, beddable

κρεβατομουρμούρα:  (crevv-at-oh-moor-MOOR-ah) bed-nagging

κρεμανταλάς: (crehm-ant-tal-ASS) hunk,  hulk, bulky dude

κρεμαντζόλι: (crehm-an-JO-lee) anything that hangs (e.g. bling, testicles, etc.)

κρεμαστάρια: (crehm-ass-TAR-yah) knee-slappers, hanging tits

κρεμαστάρια: (crehm-AST-rah) knee-slappers, saggy tits

κριντζάρω: (krinn-JAH-roh) I cringe

κρυφή: (creeph-EE) closet queen; literally, “secret girl”

κρυφόπουστας:  (creeph-OH-poos-tass) closeted gay; literally, “secret faggot”

κρυφοπουτάνα:  (creeph-oh-poot-ΑΝΝΑ) secretly a whore

κρυφοπούτανος:  (creeph-oh-POOT-an-oh) secretly a whore

κττμγ:  (coo-too-too-moo-GOO) imho

κυβερνογαμήσι:  (kee-vern-oh-GAH-missy) cybersex

κυβερνόμπατσος:  (kee-vern-oh-BATS-oss) cybercop

κυκλοφορώ:  (kick-loff-oh-ROH) I get around

κυματοδρομώ:  (kee-mat-og-DROMM-oh) I surf

κυνοβούλιο:  (kee-no-VOO-lee-oh) insulting word for the parliament; literally, “dog-parliament”

κυρα-περμαθούλα:  (kee-RAH per-math-OO-lah) old Yenta

κυριλάτο:  (kee-ree-LATT-oh) posh, chichi, pompous

κυριλέ:  (kee-ree-LEH) posh, chichi, pompous

κωλάδικο:   (coh-LAD-ick-oh) brothel; literally, “ass-shop”

κωλάθρα:  (coll-ATH-rah) big booty

κωλάκιας:  (coh-LACK-yass) ass-man (as opposed to tit-man)

κωλάρα:  (coh-LARA) big booty

κωλαράκι:  (coh-lar-ACK-ee) cute small ass

κωλαράκιας:  (coh-lah-RACK-yass) ass-man (as opposed to tit-man)

κωλαρού:  (coh-lah-ROO) woman with a big booty

κωλί:  (coh-LEE) booty, butt, ass

κωλιά:   (col-YAH) fishtailing (while driving)

κωλίδι:  (coh-LID-iss) drunk, pissed, crocked

κωλίλα:  (coh-LEE-lah) anal stench

κωλοβαράω:  (coh-lo-var-AH-oh) to bum around to dick around; literally, “to beat your ass”

κωλοβάρδουλα:  (coh-lo-VAR-do-lah) booty, butt, ass

κωλοβάρεμα:  (coh-lo-VAR-eh-ma) to bum around; literally, “to beat your ass”

κωλοβρέχτης:  (coh-lo-VREH-htiss) gay man; literally, “butt-wetter”

κωλογαμημένος:  (coh-lo-gah-me-MEN-oss) butt-fucked

κωλογαμήσι:  (coh-lo-gah-MISSY) fudgepacking, buttfucking

κωλογλείφτης:  (coh-lo-GLYPH-tiss) ass-licker, brown-noser

κωλογλείφω:  (coh-lo-GLYPH-oh) to ass-lick, to brown-nose

κωλόγρια:  (coh-LOG-ree-ah) old hag; literally, “anal old-lady”

κωλοδάχτυλο (1):   (coh-lo-DACK-till-oh)   giving the finger, flipping the bird

κωλοδάχτυλο (2):   (coh-lo-DACK-till-oh) fingering someone’s ass

κωλοκαλαμάκι: (coh-lo-cam-ACK-ee) feltching

κωλοκουνίστρα: (coh-lo-coon-ISS-trah) sexually suggestive woman; literally, “ass shaker”

κωλόκρυψη: (coh-LOCK-rip-see) hiding one’s huge booty with a sweater around the waist; literally, “ass-camouflage”

κωλομάγουλο: (coh-lo-MAGG-oo-loh) ass cheek

κωλομέρι: (coh-lo-MERR-ee) ass cheek

κωλόμουνο (1): (coh-LOM-oo-noh) bitch; literally, “ass-cunt”

κωλόμουνο (2): (coh-LOM-oo-noh)  gay man’s sphincter (gay slang); literally, “ass-cunt”

κωλόμπα:  (coh-LOM-bah)  fudgepacker

κωλομπαράς: (coh-LOM-bar-ass)  fudgepacker

κωλόμπαρο: (coh-LOM-bar-oh)  sleazy bar; literally, “ass-bar”

κωλομπήχτης: (coh-lo-BEE-h’tiss)  fudgepacker

κωλόπαιδο: (coh-LOPP-ed-oh)  brat; literally, “ass-child”

κωλόπανο: (coh-LOPP-an-oh)  ass-wipe, douchebag

κωλοπαντιέρα: (coh-lo-pand-YER-ah)  to floor it, to drive fast

Κωλοπετεινίτσα: (coh-lo-pet-in-ITS-ah)  small and insignificant town in the middle of nowhere, Buttfuck, Texas; literally, “little anal rooster”

κωλοπετσωμένος: (coh-lo-pets-oh-MEN-oss)  thick-skinned, street-smart: literally, “ass-skinned”

κωλόπιασμα: (coh-LOPP-yaz-ma)  kid who is an asshole or jerk; literally, “anally conceived”

κωλοπιαστράδικο: (coh-lopp-yass’t-RAD-ick-oh)  very expensive shop, restaurant or other establishment; literally, “place where they grab your ass”

κωλοπρεμούρα: (coh-lo-premm-OO-rah)  great haste; literally, “ass-haste”

κώλος (1): (COH-loss)  ass, booty

κώλος (2): (COH-loss)  screw-up, a fuck-up, a falling out, a fight

κώλος αναφοράς: (COH-loss an-aff-or-ASS) benchmark ass, beautiful derriere, superior posterior

κώλος κλασμένος, γιατρός χεσμένος! (COH-loss class-MEN-oss yah-TROSS hess-MEN-oss) “a fart a day keeps the doctor away”

κωλόστρα: (coh-LOST-rah) chickenshit, yellow-belly

κωλοσφούγγης: (coh-loss-FOOGG-iss) brown-noser, asswipe; literally, “ass-sponge specialist”

κωλοσφούγγι (1):  (coh-loss-FOO-ggy) asswipe; literally, “ass-sponge”

κωλοσφούγγι (2):  (coh-loss-FOO-ggy) degree worth the paper it’s printed on, Mickey Mouse degree; literally, “ass sponge”

κωλοσφυρίχτρας: (coh-loss-fee-REE-h’trah) gay person; literally, “anal whistler”

κωλοτούμπα: (coh-lo-TOMB-ah) about-face, U-turn; literally, “somersault”

κωλοτούμπα:  about-face, U-turn (particularly as regards politicians)

κωλοτούμπας: (coh-lo-TOMB-ass) one who drastically changes his mind , particularly in politics; literally, “somersault artist”

κωλοτουμπίδι: (coh-lo-tomb-ID-ee) about-face, U-turn; literally, “somersault”

κωλοτρίβομαι: (coh-lo-TREE-vomm-eh) rubbing asses with someone, brown-nosing

κωλοτρυπίδα (1): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ah) asshole, literally

κωλοτρυπίδα (2): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ah) drunk, arseholed

κωλοτρυπίδα (3): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ah) very small house

κωλοτρυπίδα (4): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ah) one’s idea, as in “assholes are like ideas, everyone has one”

κωλοτρυπίδι (1): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ee) asshole, sphincter

κωλοτρυπίδι (2): (coh-lo-trip-ID-ee) completely drunk, arseholed

κωλού: (coh-LOO) woman with a big booty

κωλοφαρδία: (coh-loaf-are-DEE-ah) fortuitous luck; literally, “wide-assedness”

κωλόφαρδος: (coh-LOAF-are-doss) lucky dude, free-rider; literally, “wide-assed”

κωλοφεράντζα (1): (coh-loafer-AN-jah) to drag someone by his butt

κωλοφεράντζα (2): (coh-loafer-AN-jah) to drive like a maniac becind another vehicle, whilst hardly keeping a distance

κωλοφεράντζα (3): (coh-loafer-AN-jah) to hard-drive a person

κωλοφρενάρισμα:  (coh-lo-frenn-ARE-is-ma) skid-mark

κωλοφτιαγμένο: (coh-lofty-agg-MEN-oh) pimped-up car or bike with all the tacky bells and whistles imaginable; literally; “anally made”

κωλοχανείο: (coh-lo-HAN-ee-oh) disorganized and chaotic place; literally, “anal hostel”

κωλόχαρτο:  (coh-LO-har-toh) toilet paper, asswipe; literally, “ass paper”

κωλόχειλα: (coh-LO-he-lah) gay person’s anus; literally, “anal labia”


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