λαβδανάκιας – λωρίδα

λαβδανάκιας: (lav-dan-ACK-yass) junkie

λάγιος: (LAH-yoss) lamentable fool

λαγκάρω: (lag-ARE-oh) to lag

λαγός (1): (lag-OSS) chicken-shit, he who always runs away; literally, hare

λαγός (2): (lag-OSS) stooge, straw man; literally, hare

λαδοπόντικας: (lad-oh-PONT-ick-ass) slimeball, greaseball

λαδώνω: (lad-ON-oh)  to bribe; literally, “to oil”

λάθρο:  (LATH-roh) illegal immigrant

λαϊκιστής:  (like-iss-TISS)  one who enjoys giving and receiving likes; wordplay of the Greek word for “populist”

λαϊκόστ: (lag-ARE-oh) Lacoste polo shirt

λαϊφστάλιν (1): (life-stalin) the lifestyle of Greek communists; literally, “life-Stalin”

λαϊφστάλιν (2): (life-stalin) champagne communists; literally, “life-Stalin”

λακαμάς: (lack-ah-MASS) wanker, asshole; backslang of μαλάκας (q.v.)

λαμέρι: (lah-MER-ee) lamer

λαμογιά: (lamm-oh-YAH) fraud, swindle

λαμόγιο:  (lamm-OH-yo) hustler,  con artist,  swindler, shyster

λαμπάδα (1): (lambada) doing wheelies; literally, “tall candle”

λαμπάδα (2): (lambada) over-dressed woman; literally, “tall candle”

λαμπάδα (2):  (lambada) beautiful tall babe; literally, “tall candle”

λαμπάδα (3):  (lambada) erect schlong; literally, “tall candle”

λαμπόγυαλο:  (lamb-OH-yall-oh) place shattered to pieces

λαμπρέτα:  (lambretta) rainbow-kick (football)

λάου-λάου:  (LAH-oo LAH-oo) in a slow and sly manner

λαπάς:  (lap-ASS) wimp, wuss

λάρα (1):  (LAR-ah) huge and wonderful butt; from κωλάρα (q.v.)

λάρα (2): (LAR-ah)  huge schlong; from ψωλάρα (q.v.)

λαρτζ (1): (large) extravagantly  generous person

λαρτζ (2): (large) someone open to kinky sexual experimentation

λαρτζερία: (larger-EE-ah) act of extravagant generousness

λασπωτήρας (1): (lass-pot-EER-ass) car or bike spoiler; literally, “mud shield”

λασπωτήρας (2): (lass-pot-EER-assduck-tail hairdo; literally, “mud shield”

λάτα: (lassLAT-ahhashish; from σοκολάτα (chocolate)

λατέρνα (1): (lat-ERR-nahgaudy, over-dressed woman; literally, “barrel organ”

λατέρνα (2): (lat-ERR-nahout-of tune piano; literally, “barrel organ”

λατέρνα (3): (lat-ERR-nahgaudily pimped-pup car; literally, “barrel organ”

λατέρνατιβ: (lat-ERR-nat-iveartsy-fartsy alternative-type

λατινικούρα:  (latin-eek-OO-rah affected Latinism,  pretentious latinism

λατσός: (lat-SAUCEhandsome dude (gay slang)

λατσότεκνο: (lat-SO-tech-nohandsome young dude (gay slang)

λαφαζάνης: (laugh-ah-ZANN-iss)  full of hot air, idiot, wanker (Cypriot slang)

λαφαζανιά: (laugh-ah-zann-YAH)  bullshit story, idiocy (Cypriot slang)

λαχανάς: (lah-han-ASSpick-pocket; literally, “cabbage person”

λε πουλ: (le poolbeat it, get outta here

λεβέντης: (levv-END-issidiot, wanker; literally, “a young, strong and brave man”.

λεβεντομαλάκας: (levv-end-oh-mal-ACK-asstall and stout idiot, mega wanker

λεβεντομούνα:  (levv-end-oh-MOON-ahtall and beautiful woman; literally, “stout vagina”

λεβεντόμουνο: (levv-end-OH-moon-ohtall and beautiful woman; literally, “stout vagina”

λεβεντόπουστας: (levv-end-OH-poos-tassstrong, tall and swaggering faggot

λεγάμενη: (leg-AH-men-eegirlfriend, mistress

λέγε ρε: (LEG-eh rehtalk, say it already!

λέει:  (LEH-eeit rocks, it rules, its bitchin’, its awesome; literally, “it says”

λειρί (1): (lee-REEclit; literally, “chicken’s comb”

λειρί (2): (lee-REEvaginal labia; literally, “chicken’s comb”

λελέ και τρελελέ:  (leh-LEH keh treh-leh-LEHethusiastic soldier about to be discharged is discharged

λελές: (leh-LESSwimp, weenie

λέμε τώρα: (LEMM-eh TOH-rayeah right, as if

λέμε: (LEMM-ehas if

λέξη ασφαλείας: (LECK-see ashphal-EE-asssafeword (in BDSM play)

λέρα: (LEH-rah) scuzzball, sleazeball

λεσβία από κούνια: (lezz-VEE-ah app-OH COON-yanatural- born lesbian

λεσβίδι: (lezz-VIDDY lesbo, dyke

λεσβιόνι:  (lezz-vee-ON-ee)  lesbo, dyke

λεσβόγκα:  (lezz-VONG-ahlesbo, dyke

λέσβω: (LEZZ-voh)  lesbo, dyke

λέσι (1): (LESS-eefugly woman; literally, carrion

λέσι (2): (LESS-eelack of wind whilst sailing; literally, carrion

λέσι (3): (LESS-ee)  dirty, smelly person; literally, carrion

λετσαρία: (let-sarr-EE-ahshabbiness, or a group of shabby people

λέτσος: (LET-sauceshabby

λευκή: (LEFF-key) heroin, white horse; literally, white

λεφτά αισθήματα: (leff-TAH essth-EE-mat-ahgreedy gold-miner of a woman; literally “with monetary sentiments”

ληγμένα παίρνεις; (leeg-MEN-ah PERR-neesare you out of your mind? Literally, “are to taking expired drugs?”

λιακούρειος: (lee-ack-OOR-ee-oss) conspiracy nut

λιάρδα: (lee-ARE-dahdrunk, shitfaced; literally, “creamed”

λίγα είναι τα ψωμιά του:  (LIGG-ag tah p’som-YA too) one’s days are numbered; literally, “one has few breads left”

λιγδώνει τ’ άντερο: (ligg-DON-ee TAN-derr-ohwhen a hungry person eats; literally, “to grease one’s intestine”

λιλί: (lee-LEEwillie, dick

λιλίδια: (lee-LEED-ya) the remains of a hymen after it is first perforated

λιμοκοντόρος: (limo-con-DORR-oss) hungry impoverished person dressed in aristocratic attire; literally, “famine-count”

λίμπα: (LIMB-ahcomplete mess

λιμπιντιάρα: (lee-bead-TARR-ah) horny woman; literally, ” libidinous woman”

λινάτσα: (lee-NAT-sahcheap, ugly and despicable woman; literally, “industrial linen cloth”

λινκάρω: (link-ARE-ohto link

λίνκι: (LINK-eelink or hyperlink

λινκιά: (link-YAHlink or hyperlink

λιώμα (1): (lee-OM-ah) drunk, wasted;  literally, “squashed”

λιώμα (2): (lee-OM-ah)  love-torn;  literally, “squashed”

λιωσίδι: (lee-oss-ID-eedrunk, wasted;  literally, “squashed”


λολ (1): (LOLLOL

λολ (1): (LOLLeague of Legends

λολαδερό: (lo-lad-err-OHlolsome

λολάδι: (lo-LAD-ee)  person or object that makes us LOL

λολοπαίγνιο: (loh-loh-PEG-nee-oh)  lolsome wordplay

λονγκάρω: (long-ARE-oh)  to log

λοουμπαπάς: (low-bapp-ASSLow-Bapper (genre of Greek hip-hop)

λοσπού: (loss-POOscram, get outta here

λοστρέ: (loss-TREH) crazy, mad; backslang of τρελός (insane)

λούγκρα (1): (LOO-grah) very malicious person (gay slang)

λούγκρα (2): (LOO-grahpoofter (gay slang)

λουκ: (looklook

λουκάρω: (loo-CAR-oh) to hide something (e.g. drugs) up your ass

λούκι: (LOO-kee) difficult situation; literally, drainpipe

λούλα (1): (LOO-lahpansy

λούλα (2): (LOO-lahpoofter (gay slang)

λουλάς: (loo-LASS) waterpipe’s mouthpiece

λουλού: (loo-LOOpansy; literally, Lulu

λούμπα: (LOOM-bah) rut, pitfall, problem; literally, “water hole”

λουμπεναριό: (loo-ben-are-YOlowlife, scum; literally, “lumpenproletariat”

λουμπίνα: (loo-BIN-ah) poofter, faggot (gay slang)

λουμπινιά: (loo-bin-YA) cowardly and unmanly action

λουμπινίστικα: (loo-bin-ISS-tick-ah) Greek dialect of gay slang; also see καλιαρντά

λούτσα: (LOOT-sah) drenched

λούτσος: (LOOT-sauce) long penis; literally, type of fish

λούφα: (LOO-fah) to shirk, to skive off, to avoid work

λουφαδόρος: (loof-ad-OR-ossone who shirks, who avoids  work

λουφάρω: (loo-FAR-ohto shirk work, to skive off, to avoid work

λόχας: (LOH-hasssarge

λυκόπουλο: (lick-OPP-oo-lohold geezer dressed and acting as a teenager; literally, “wolf cub”

λυνξ: (links) ιντερνετ  links

λυπητερή:  (lee-pit-err-EEbill; literally, “the sorrowful one”

λύσσαξες!  (LEE-sax-essstop bugging me with that! literally, “you have gone rabid with that”

λυσσάρα: (lee-SARR-ah-REE-dahdesperately horny woman; literally, “rabid woman”

λωρίδα: (loh-REE-dahmohawk haircut; literally, “strip”


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