χαβαλεδιάρης – χώσιμο

χαβαλεδιάρης: (hah-val-eh-dee-YAR-iss) fun person, cool guy

χαβαλές: (hah-va-LESS) horsing around, fun

χάβγουλο: (HAVE-goo-loh) neo-nazi

χαβιαριστερά: (have-ya-riss-ter-AH) gauche caviar, champagne socialism

χάβω: (HAVE-oh) to gullibly fall for something; literally, “to swallow”

χαζοβιόλα: (hah-zo-vee-ALL-ah) bimbo, floozie

χαζέγκλω: (hah-ZEH-glo) dumb tart, bimbo

χαζοβιόλης: (hah-zo-vee-ALL-iss) goofball, simpleton

χαζομούνα: (hah-zo-MOON-ah) dumb woman

χαζομούνης: (hah-zo-MOON-iss) fellow easily taken in by women; literally, “stupid with vaginas”

χαζοπουτάνα: (hah-zo-put-ANNE-ah) dumb whore

χαϊδοκώλης: (hi-doh-CALL-iss) gay person; literally, “one whose ass is caressed”

χαιρετίσματα: (hair-eh-TISS-mat-ah) yeah right, bullshit; literally, “greetings”

χαιρετισμός των τριών δακτύλων: (her-ett-is-MOSS ton tree-ON da-HTEE-lon) pressing alt control delete; literally, “the three finger salute”

χακάρω: (hack-ARE-oh) to hack

χακεράς: (hacker-ASS) hacker

χακερόνι: (hacker-OH-knee) hacker

χακτιβισμός: (hack-tee-vis-MOSS) hacktivism

χαλαρά: (ha-la-RAH) relax, no problemo, hakuna matata; literally,”loosely”

χαλασοσπίτης: (ha-lasso-SPIT-iss) home wrecker

χαλάστρα: (ha-LAST-rah) spoiler, to ruin something for someone, party pooping

χαλάστρας: (ha-LAST-ras) party pooper

χαλβαδιάζω:   (hal-va-DIAZ-oh) to check out, ogle, flirt; literally, “to transform into halvah”

χαλβάς:  (hal-VASS)  effete, spineless twerp; literally, “halvah”

χαλιαμπάλιας: (hal-yab-AL-ass) unkempt person

χαλκιδῖτις: (hal-jey-DITT-iss) cheap whore in ancient Greek; literally, “she who prostitutes herself for a copper coin”

χαμαντράκι: (ha-man-DRACK-ee) shorty

χαμηλοκώλα:  (ham-il-oh-KOL-ah) woman with a low-hanging butt

χαμηλοκώλης: (ham-il-oh-KOL-iss) dude with a low-hanging butt

χαμός στο ίσωμα: (ham-OSS sto ISS-oh-ma) all hell is breaking loose; literally, “loss at the straightening”

χαμούρα: (hah-MOOR-ah) fugly woman; literally, “she who gathers berries from the ground”

χαμούρεμα: (hah-MOOR-eh-ma) making out, necking, get the stew going

χαμουρεύω: (hah-moo-REV-oh)making out, necking, get the stew going

χαμουτζης:  (ham-ooh-JISS) insulting term for Athenians, used in N. Greece; literally, “down-underer”

χάνος: (HAH-noss) stupid, dense; literally, a type of fish (Serranidae)

χάνω επεισόδια: (HAH-no eh-pee-SOD-ee-ah) not up to date on something; literally, “I have lost episodes”

χάνω λάδια: (HAH-no LAD-ya) I am not myself, I am our of whack; literally, “I am losing oil”

χάνω τη μπάλα: (HAH-no tin BAH-lah) I am no longer in control; literally, “I lose the ball”

χαρά στα σκέλια μου:  (hah-RAH sta SKELL-ya moo) to get laid, to get some; literally, “happiness in my limbs”

χαρακώνομαι: (hah-rack-OH-no-meh) to cut yourself

χαράτσι:  (hah-RATS-ee) heavy tax; from  haraç,  capitation tax levied on an Islamic state’s non-Muslim citizens

χαριτωμενιά: (harry-toe-men-YA) cutesy behavior

χαρλεάς:   (harley-ASS) Harley rider,  Harley fan

χαρμάνα: (har-MANNA) withdrawal symptoms

χαρμάνης: (har-MAN-iss) out of tobacco or weed

χαρντκορίλα: (hardcore-RILL-ah) hard-core situation

χαρτί: (har-TEE) stock; literally, “paper”

χαρχάλω:  (har-HAL-oh) old bag,  yenta

χασιάρικο:  (hass-YAR-eek-oh) lossy recording

χασικλής:  (hah-see-KLISS)  hashish smoker, pothead

χασοκαλάθης: (hass-oh-kal-ATH-iss) lousy basketball player; literally, “basket loser”

χάσου από μπροστά μου:  (HAH-soo ap-OH bro-STA-moo) get lost, take a hike, beat it

χατζηπαπάρας: (HA-gee pap-ARE-ass) Mr. Whatshisname

χάφτει μύγες:   (HAFF-tee MIG-ess) lazy and/or gullible dude; literally, “he swallows flies”

χάφτω: (HAFF-toh) to gullibly fall for something; literally, “to swallow”

χάχα: (HA-ha) weed, because it makes one laugh; literally,”ha ha”

χαχάμης: (ha-HA-miss) Jew, kike (offensive)

χάχας: (HA-hass) dense person with a miscalibrated sense of humor

χεζοβόλι:  (hezz-oh-VOL-ee) turd

χεζοκλάνι: (hezz-oh-CLAN-ee) shart

χέζω (1): (HEZZ-oh) I  take a shit

χέζω (2): (HEZZ-oh) I tell someone off; literally, “to shit on someone”

χέζω πατόκορφα:   (HEZZ-oh pat-OH-core-fah)  to shower abuse on somebody; literally, “to shit on someone from head to toe”

χέηζ: (haze)  haze, type of weed

χειράντλησις: (he-RANT-lee-sis) hand-job; literally, “hand pumping”

χειρολαβές: (hero-lav-ESS) love handles

χειρόπιπα: (here-OH-pip-ah) poor blowjob whereby the hand is used more than the mouth, handjob preteding to be a blowjob

χέκλασα: (HECK-lass-ah)  I sharted

χελ γέα: (hell yeah)  hell, yeah

χέλι: (HELL-ee) beautiful body; literally, “eel”

χελόου! (hello) hello!

χεράτα: (her-AT-ah) manually

χερογλύκανο: (her-oh-GLEE-can-oh) wanking off; literally, “sweet hand”

χέσε μέσα:   (HESS-eh MESS-ah) bummer, bad break,  life’s a bitch and then you die, tough luck, shit hit the fan; literally, “shit inside”

χεσιά (1): (hess-YA) crapful of something

χεσιά (2): (hess-YA) small house or land property, barely large enough to shit upon

χεσίδι: (hess-ID-ee) telling someone off; literally, “shitting”

χέσιμο: (HESS-ee-mo’) telling someone off; literally, “shitting”

χεσμεντέν (1): (hess-men-TEN) coward; literally, “one who shits mints”

χεσμεντέν (2): (hess-men-TEN) fear, horror; literally, “shitting mints”

χέστηκε η Φατμέ στο Γενί Τζαμί: (HESS-tick-eh ee fat-MEH stoh YEN-ee jam-EE) I couldn’t care less; literally, “Fatmé had a bowel movement in the Yeni Mosque”

χέστηκε η φοράδα στο αλώνι:   (HESS-tick-eh ee for-AD-ah stall-ON-eh) I couldn’t care less; literally, “the mare had a bowel movement in the prairie”

χέστης:   (HESS-tiss) yellow-belly; literally, “defecator”

χέστρα:  (HESS-trah) crapper, toilet

χετζάρισμα: (hedge-ARE-is-ma) to hedge

χήμειο:  (HE-me-oh) chemo (therapy)

χήνα: (HE-nah) 1,000 GDR bill; literally, “goose”

χιπχοπάκι (1): (hip-hop-ACK-ee) hip-hop music,  hip-hop hit

χιπχοπάκι (2):  (hip-hop-ACK-ee) hip-hop fan

χιπχοπάς: (hip-hop-ASS) hip-hop fan

χιτάκι (1):  (hit-ACK-ee) musical hit

χιτάκι (2):  (hit-ACK-ee) drug hit

χιτλεριάζω: (hitler-YA-zoh) I pull a Hitler, I go bat-shit angry

χλαμούτσα:  (hla-MOOT-sah) fugly woman

χλαπακιάζω: (hla-pack-YA-zoh) to pig on food

χλεμπάγια: (helb-AH-ya) low-class, plebeians

χλεμπόνα (1): (hleb-ON-ah) low-class plebeians

χλεμπόνα (2): (hleb-ON-ah) expectoration

χλέμπουρας:  (HLEB-oo-rah) hideous sleazeball

χλέπα: (HLEP-ah) expectoration

χλέπας:  (HLEP-ass)hideous sleazeball

χλεχλές: (hleh-HLESS) pansy

χλίδα: (HLEE-dah) opulence, poshness

χλιδάνεργος:  (hlid-AN-erg-oss) wealthy-unemployed, twixter

χλιδάτος:  (hlee-DAT-oss) opulent and posh dude

χλίμης:  (HLEE-miss) hideous sleazeball

χλιμίτζουρας:  (hlee-MINGE-oo-lass) hideous sleazeball

χλιμπίκουλας: (hlee-BIC-oo-lass) hideous sleazeball

χλομό το κόβω: (hlo-MO toh KOV-oh) I doubt it, I don’t bloody think so; literally, “I cut it pale”

χοντρό:  (hon-TROH)number two (shitting)

χοντροκέφαλος (1): (hon-troh-KEFF-al-oss) thickhead

χοντροκέφαλος (2): (hon-troh-KEFF-al-oss) thick penis

χοντρομαλάκας: (hon-troh-ma-LACK-ass) big-time asshole; literally, “fat jerk-off”

χοντρομπαλάκας:  (hon-troh-bah-LACK-ass) fat asshole

χοντρομπαλάς: (hon-troh-bah-LASS) fatso

χοντροπούτανος: (hon-trop-OO-tan-oh) fat whore

χόρτο:  (WHORE-toh) weed

χου: (hoo) one who cannot hide or pretend

χουβαρνταλίκι:  (hoo-var-dee-LICK-ee) extravagance, generosity

χουίτης: (hoo-IT-iss) one who cannot hide or pretend

χουλκ: (HOOLK) the hulk

χου-ξεχού: (hoo KSEH-hoo) one who cannot hide or pretend

χουπουά:  (hoo-poo-AH) for exmple, e.g.

χουσώνω: (hoo-SOH-no) to hide drugs up your asshole

χούφταλο: (HOOF-tal-oh) old geezer

χουφτώνω: (hoo-FTON-oh) fondling, palming

χουχουλιάζω: (hoo-hoo-lee-AZZ-oh) to snuggle

χρατς: (HRATS) velcro

χρόνια και ζαμάνια: (HRO-khee-ah keh za-MAN-ya) yonks, bloody long time

χρυσά αυγά: (hree-SAH av-GAH) members and fans of the neonazi Golden Dawn party; literally, “Golden Eggs”

χρυσή βροχή: (hree-SEE vro-HE) golden shower

χρυσοβρόχι: (hree-so-VRO-he) golden shower

χρωστάει τα κέρατά του: (hro-STAH-ee ta -KER-ah-ta) to be up to one’s neck in debt; literally, “to owe his own horns”

χρωστάει της Μιχαλούς: (hro-STAH-ee tiss mee-hal-OOSS) batshit crazy; literally, “owes to Mrs Michaels”

χταποδιάρα: (hta-po-DYAR-ah) woman who spreads like an octopus during sex; literally, “octopus woman”

χτίζει κοιλιακούς: (HTEE-zee ley-lee-ack-OOSS) ironically, to get fat; literally, “to build abs”

χτυπάω (1): (htipp-AH-oh) to hit a website; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (2): (htipp-AH-oh) to make a poor impression; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (3): (htipp-AH-oh) to buy something; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (4): (htipp-AH-oh) to eat something; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (5): (htipp-AH-oh) to get a tattoo; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (6): (htipp-AH-oh) to shoot dope, to inject; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω (7): (htipp-AH-oh) to claim something; literally, “to hit”

χτυπάω μπιέλα: (htipp-AH-oh bee-EL-ah) I’m bored, I’m in a rut; literally, “the connecting rod is hit”

χτύπημα: (HTIPP-ee-ma) internet  hit

χτύπησε ο σκληρός: (HTIPP-ee-seh oh sklee-ROSS) gone insane, lost it; literally, “the hard disk was hit”

χυλόπιτα:   (he-poh-PIT-ah) to blow out, to curve, to reject one’s sexual or romantic advances. Literally, “noodle”

χύμα στο κύμα:   (HE-ma stoh KEY-ma) messy, shabby

χύμα: (HE-ma) messy, shabby; literally “in bulk form”

χύνω: (HE-no) cumming

χυσαποθήκη: (hiss-app-oh-THICK-ee) cum bucket, sperm bucket

χυσοκανάτα: (hiss-oh-van-NAT-ah) cum bucket, sperm bucket

χυσοκουβάς: (hiss-oh-koo-VASS) cum bucket, sperm bucket

χύσι: (HISS-ee) cum, semen

χύσια: (HISS-ya) cum, sperm

χυσίδι: (he-SID-ee) cum, sperm

χυσίδι: (he-SID-ee) cum, sperm

χυσοβολή: (he-so-vol-EE) ejaculation

χυσοβόλι: (he-so-VOL-ee) ejaculation

χυσοκανάτα: (he-so-can-NAT-ah) cum bucket, sperm bucket

χυσοκουβάς: (he-so-koo-VASS)cum bucket, sperm bucket.

χυσολουλού:  (he-so-loo-LOO) gay person; literally, “cum Lulu”

χυσοσακί: (he-so-sack-EE) cum bucket, sperm bucket.

χώνω (1): (HO-no) to screw; literally, “to dig in”

χώνω (2): (HO-no) to give someone a shitload of work; literally, “to dig in”

χώνω (3): (HO-no) to give someone a verbal thrashing; literally, “to dig in”

χώνω μπουκέτο: (HO-no boo-KETT-oh) to punch someone; literally, “to administer a bouquet”

χώσιμο (1): (HO-see-mo) screwing; literally, “digging in”

χώσιμο (2): (HO-see-mo) to be given a shitload of work; literally, “digging in”


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