@ – \ /

@: used by PC-Nazis to render words gender-free; e.g. έξυπν@   means both έξυπνος (smart man) and έξυπνη (smart woman)

@@: testicles, bollocks

\ /: I couldn’t care less (symbolizes two hands pointing at one’s testicles)

*χ/μ: (star chi dee-AH moo) I couldn’t care less; the symbols can be read as στ’ αρχίδια μου  (i.e., on my testicles, where the sun don’t shine)

3M: (tah TREE-am mee) the “three Ms,” necessary and sufficient conditions for personal and professional success; namely: μέσον (high connections), μονέδα (moolah) and μουνί (pussy).


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